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How to cast to Firestick from phone with or without Miracast!

To cast to Firestick from a phone can seem like a complicated task. But, by following the steps outlined below, everyone should be able to mirror content from their mobile device to the big screen in no time at all.

We really are living in a digital age in 2020 and with advancing technology comes much more flexibility. If we realise we forgot to turn the heating off once we arrive at work, it’s not a problem with apps we can download to alleviate the stresses of modern life.

Yes, modern-day life is much more fast-paced than it used to be but with technology aiding our everyday activities, we can relax a little knowing that we don’t even have to get up to turn the light off if we don’t want to now that artificial intelligence and smart speakers are here.

Nowadays we can even control our televisions via mobile phone rather than a remote control. So, let’s move away from being restricted to a screen of a few inches and get all our favourite content cast to the big screen.

cast to firestick from phone
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How to cast to Firestick from phone

First things first, we’ll concentrate on how to cast to a Firestick from Android phones.

Thankfully, the people at Amazon have made their products compatible with a software called Miracast. This is going to be crucial in casting from your Android phone to an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The olden days of using wires to connect all our devices are over, now we can use Wi-Fi Direct technology such as Miracast to carry out our objectives.

According to Engadget, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K supports Miracast. To cast from Android to 4K Firestick, please follow the steps below.

  • Enable mirroring on Firestick by heading to Settings > Display and Sounds > Enable Display Mirroring.
  • With your mobile device, pull down the menu from the top of your phone and select the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option.
  • If you’re unable to see this option or icon, head to Settings > Bluetooth > Connection Preferences > Cast.
  • Alternatively, the steps may go as follows: Settings > More > Wireless display.
  • Or, Settings > Device connectivity > Wireless Projection.

TechJunkie also advises: “If you have a tablet, phone, or even a desktop computer made after 2012 or so, it should support Miracast natively.”

If you’re using a Firestick model other than the 4K version, you’ll need to make use of a third-party app to assist with casting. Apps such as AllCast can be downloaded on both the Firestick or Fire TV device and the mobile device such as your Android phone or tablet.

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What about casting to Firestick from iOS devices?

It’s also possible to cast to Firestick from iOS devices. Apple doesn’t support Miracast, though there are ways around this.

Again, downloading a third-party app is necessary to cast from an iPhone to the Firestick. We love the Video & TV Cast Fire TV App.

Download the app on both your Fire TV Stick and iPhone and ensure that when setting up, both devices are using the same Wi-Fi network.

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Can I cast to Firestick from iPad?

Casting or screen mirroring to the Amazon Fire TV Stick via iPad is 100% possible.

Mobile devices, whether that be an actual mobile phone or tablet all work in similar ways.

Where we’ve differentiated between Android and iOS, the relevant devices that fall into each category can be treated in the same way. Android mobile phones and tablets can cast by following the steps outlined above.

While, iOS devices, whether that’s an iPhone or iPad will also work in the same way by following the steps below.

Airscreen is a great app to use on iOS devices to cast to Fire TV. It is compatible with built-in Airplay, so all you’ll need to do is enable Airplay on your Apple device and once Airscreen has been downloaded on both the Firestick and your iOS device, you can cast. Remember that all devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.

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