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How do you turn off the banners on the Sony Bravia TV? Five simple steps

Sony products are some of the most popular in the world. And when it comes to TVs, Sony is one of the front runners for sales alongside Samsung and LG.

Televisions are evolving at high speed with 8K screens coming our way in 2020. Sony’s new Bravia range provides a revolutionary viewing experience with Full-Array LED screens.

A new 8K Sony TV with immersive sound and Smart features will set you back a fair bit, but there’s nothing quite like investing in top quality tech.

But, as we all know, even the best products can have their faults. So, how do you turn off the banners on the Sony Bravia TV?

how do you turn off the banners on the sony bravia tv
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How do you turn off the banners on the Sony Bravia TV?

When watching your favourite show, it highly likely that most people would rather enjoy it without the eye-sore of an information banner.

If you wish to remove these display banners from your Sony Bravia TV, thankfully you can. Please follow the five steps below using your Sony remote control:

Home > Settings > Set-up Info Banner > choose ‘Off’ or ‘Hidden’.

Should you experience any issues trying to disable banners on your TV, please contact Digi Helpdesk on freephone 0800 433 7963 today for further assistance.

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What’s the difference between a banner and an e-POP?

By the looks of things, Sony TV viewers have not only been enduring interruption to their TV viewing due to information banners, e-POPs also appear on the television screen causing annoyance.

E-POPs are different from information banners on your TV screen. And removing them should be simple. By following the steps below using the Sony Bravia remote control, you should be able to remove the e-POPs from the screen.

Menu > Settings > Setup > Initial Setup > Follow on-screen instructions.

When prompted to select a ‘viewing environment’ please choose ‘Home’ rather than ‘Store’.

Sony TV info bar keeps popping up

If you find that the Sony info bar or banner keeps popping up, please repeat the above steps.

You may need to reset the whole system for the changes to take effect. To complete a soft reset simply hold down the ‘power’ button on the remote control until the TV screen turns off, then turn it back on by clicking the same button.

However, if you’d rather complete a hard reset, please follow the steps below.

  • Turn off the TV using the Sony remote control.
  • Switch off the TV at the all and unplug.
  • Wait around one to five minutes.
  • Plug the TV back into the socket and switch on at the wall.
  • Press the ‘power’ button on the remote once and the TV should now turn on.
  • Now, the banner settings should be in effect and you should no longer experience them.

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