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Here’s what to do if your MXQ Pro keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Turning your Television into an entertainment superhub is made easy with a TV android box.

Collecting box sets is now a preference and not a necessity as people can stream their favourite shows and movies with one click of a button. One of the TV boxes that can help you do this is the MXQ Pro 4K.

With a 2GHz Quad-core processor, supporting 4K video, this Kodi compatible well-priced TV box is a popular choice for many.

Connecting the box via Wi-Fi is obviously very important. Let’s look at some steps to try if your MXQ pro keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi.

mxq pro keeps disconnecting from wifi
Pexels: MXQ Pro keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi

MXQ Pro 4K: Specs

The MXQ Pro 4K is powered by a high specification 2GHz quad-core processor which is connected to a Penta core Mali-450 GPU. This provides plenty of power for the commands you input into the box and enough to run 4K videos.

The box has 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. It also features a USB port and an SD external card reader which can be used for more storage if required.

It may not be the most powerful Android box on the market, but the MXQ Pro offers great power to price ratio. The MXQ Pro 4K, in our eyes, is great value for money. Get yours online here from eBay for £18.99 – wowsers!

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MXQ pro keeps disconnecting from wifi

If you find that your MXQ Pro keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi, there are a few steps you can take that can help resolve this issue.

Before we start troubleshooting, always ensure that the firmware has been updated to the current version.

Let’s try a system, hard reset on your MXQ Pro box.

  • Firstly,  disconnect the power supply.
  • Located inside the AV slot, you will find a very small button that you can press down with a thin match stick or toothpick.
  • Once you have located this button, hold it down for a few seconds.
  • Now reattach the power supply whilst continuing to hold the button down.
  • On the screen, you should now see the logo appear. Shortly after this, a restart should begin.
  • You can now let go of the button. Displayed on your screen you will see a menu appear, a USB keyboard will be needed to access this menu.
  • Navigate the menu to find the ‘wipe data’ or ‘system reset’ option, once found, press enter. This will begin the process of the factory reset.

If the problem persists, please check and troubleshoot your broadband router. It’s always good practice to check all the devices involved as the issue may be with the internet hub. Digi Helpdesk experts are on hand to assist you further if required on freephone number 0800 433 7963.

Does the MXQ Pro TV box work with Netflix?

Yes, the MXQ Pro TV box does work with Netflix.

However, you may encounter some problems trying to download the correct version of the Netflix app as the most up to date version of the app will not work with every Android box running Android 5.0.

If you source the Netflix app from the Google Play Store, you may see a pop-up message asking you to run a past version, click here to download a version of the app that will work with operating systems 4.4 and 7.1.2.

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