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Everything you need to know about the Viita Titan HRV: Is it the best smartwatch going?

The Viita Titan HRV is a sleek smartwatch designed with a formal setting in mind so it makes for a perfect work or casual watch.

This smartwatch has all you really need from a device and is crafted from titanium meaning that you’re unlikely to have to replace it any time soon.

The titanium isn’t just stronger than stainless steel, it also makes the watch extremely light, despite looking heavy.

To truly make sure your smartwatch is up to the task of everyday life, sapphire glass covers the watch face and is practically scratch resistant.

Go for a shower, go snorkelling, go diving, it doesn’t matter, the Titan HRV is also completely waterproof.

No Smartphone? No problem!

There’s a reason the Viita Titan HRV is regarded as one of the most advanced on the market and that’s because it has built-in GPS.

You can pull up your location and the surrounding area with it’s GPS feature as it records your movements so you’ll never be lost again.

The Viita Titan is also so advanced that it learns about you and what your body needs.

Using technology that can calculate your hydration levels and heart rate, it can even give you personal training recommendations.

What else makes the Titan HRV the best smartwatch available?

So, not only can it give training recommendations but it can give you a stress analysis letting you to know when to take a break.

You can track over 19 different activities with the Viita Titan HRV which is more than most of its competitors.

Smartphone notifications also come through in real-time allowing you to provide a speedy reply.

Finally, you won’t need to constantly charge your new wearable device often. It has a battery that can last up to three weeks!

Where can you buy the Titan HRV?

You can bag yourself the Titan HRV on Amazon here.

There are also many varieties of Viita smartwatches available.

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