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BT HUB Flashing Purple: What Does This Light Mean On My Router

BT hub flashing purple – what do the lights on my router mean?

Connecting your router and getting a constant signal should be easy. However, what about when it isn’t? Broadband issues are pretty common, and without knowing how to troubleshoot your device, it can be confusing. But not to worry if you’re unsure of what the lights on your router mean. We can help with this.

Whether you want to know if your internet is down or how to check your internet speeds, you’ve come to the right place.

With so many different lights on your BT router, it can be complicated to understand what is going on. Therefore we have broken it down for you to make it easier to understand what is happening. When you know what is happening with your router, that makes troubleshooting a lot easier.

How do I know if my BT internet is down

You can find out whether BT is down for everybody via their service checker. Type in your postcode and The BT website should advise you of any errors.

BT hub flashing purple

BT hub flashing purple
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

With each model, the lights can mean different things. However, with the purple flashing light, on all BT hubs, the router is working, but the internet is not. Although you can expect to see your BT hub flashing purple in this situation, it may also look pink.

How do I fix BT hub flashing purple?

If you’re struggling to make your internet come back on, here are some simple troubleshooting techniques to get this resolved for you-

  • Check the broadband cable is plugged incorrectly. The cable should be black with grey ends. Once you plug it in, you should hear a click, and if you didn’t hear this, it might not have gone incorrectly.
  • If you’re a new BT customer, it may be that your internet is not activated yet. This can take up to 24 hours.
  • BT also recommends checking the service status page to see if there is any issues in your area.
  • If all else fails, reboot your hub, you can do this by switching it off at the wall, wait 30 seconds then plugging it back in.

BT flashing orange after activation

Image by Samuel1983 from Pixabay

The last thing you want to see on your router after activating it is an error. However, if the light is flashing after activating your internet, it can just mean that it’s loading up. However, if this light then turns to a solid orange light – this means there is an issue.

When the orange light is flashing, it usually means your router is trying to connect to your connection. However, sometimes this does not work. Therefore BT recommends entirely shutting off the device and then turning it back on again after 30 seconds. Be sure to make sure you allow it the time to reboot.

BT home hub 5, what do the lights mean?

Photo by Praveen kumar Mathivanan on Unsplash

If you have a BT home hub 5 (or 4), this guide on their lights may be handy. Trying to understand what they mean can be time-consuming. However, a great piece of advice is that if you have a light on your router, it should not be there unless rebooting. As this will indicate an issue.

Green light

The green light on your BT hub 5 means it is starting up, this could be from being unplugged or updated. Please allow a few minutes for your internet to get back on track. Allow up to 20 seconds for it to start to work.

BT hub blue lights

If the power light is blue, your router is fine, but you need to check within your hubs settings if you’re unable to check out what is happening with your Blue.

Orange power light

The orange light on your router indicates that there is a problem somewhere in the router. Check the other lights on your router for an indication. If you notice there is another light on at the same time, this is uncommon. However, BT advises you to call them if this happens.

Red light meaning

As with most red lights, it means no, with the red light indicating that you’re not connected to the internet at all. However, don’t worry, as we have some easy troubleshooting techniques, so you fix this internet issue with no problem.

My BT hub is flashing pink

The pink light on your router is the same as the purple one. This means your router is working fine, but there is no internet connection. To troubleshoot this, follow the above steps for the purple light.

If you’re having issues with your Wi-Fi, why not check out our recommendations for the best Wi-Fi extenders.

What do the lights on my Ultrafast Smart Hub mean?

Green light meaning

This suggests the hub is starting up, and it usually takes a few minutes, so bear with this. Once it has started, it shouldn’t be there anymore.

Flashing orange light

Your hub is currently connecting to broadband. However, this can take up to 2 minutes. When your router is ready, the light should turn blue.

Orange light

A steady orange light means the hub is working correctly but isn’t connected to the internet. To fix this, connect a device to the hub using a cable or Wi-Fi. Open a web browser and follow the onscreen help. This should then enable you to go back online.

Blue Light

The only light you want to see on the router is a blue one, which means the router is running fine. If you’re having issues connecting despite this blue light, close down your device, e.g. your phone, tv and try again.

Red light

AS with any red light, this is not a good sign. However, you can resolve it reasonably quickly. Turn off your power to the router and then back on again. If this doesn’t work, please use a paper clip to poke the hub reset button. If this still doesn’t work, BT recommends calling 0800 1114567 to ensure all of their customers get back online. Be sure that when you’re contacting them, you have your device and hub with you when you call to advise the person.

Finally, if you’re still struggling with getting your Smart Hub to function correctly, please get in touch with us here at Digi Help Desk, As we’d love to help with your issue and provide quick technical support, whatever your query is.