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The 11 Best Sat Navs With Dash Cam: All In One Direction Surveillance

sat nav with dash cam

Satellite navigation is arguably one of the finest things of the modern world. No longer do we have to spend our journeys scouring and refolding paper maps, arguing over routes and missed turnings. Perhaps the only thing that could make a sat nav better is the addition of the dash cam. Which is why we have scoured the makes and models to come up with the 11 best sat navs with dash cam that money can buy!

We give you the scoop on the top brands, taking into account budget, vehicle sizes, and those all important extra features and functions. You know the ones; speed camera alerts; voice control functions; incident detection; traffic updates. We answer the important questions, like what kind of additional features make for the best devices? And, is a front facing camera enough, or is it best to have a rear facing lens too?

But lets start with the big one:

sat nav with dash cam
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What is a Dash Cam Used for?

These devices are super useful if you get into a scrape or accident. It is an infallible independent witness, in short. In the flurry and confusion of a hit and run (for example) you can rest assured that the worst drivers are captured in real time. It can help save your no claims if an incident is not your fault too. And if you have a decent HD lens, the quality will mean you can give license plate details!

It makes it easier to resolve issues and disputes with other drivers. And not to mention the very presence of a dash cam in your car is likely to make you a more conscientious driver! And last but not least, a dash cam with parking record function gives you peace of mind. If you come back to a dink, scratch or worse, check your footage and catch the culprit!

With a sat nav with dash cam, you can make sure you are always covered for criminal incident, accident or injury. No longer will it be a case of ‘he said/she said’. This is the era of documented evidence, and our roads are safer because of it. Peace of mind is just a sat nav purchase away!

sat nav with dash cam
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11 Best Sat Navs with Dash Cam

Before we jump in, you might have a few questions. So lets answer those. First off: Can you use a sat nav and dash cam at the same time? Yes you can! Most, if not all, combinations will allow both navigation and maps to run in tandem wit the recording of footage. Which leads us on to our second question:

Do dash cameras record all the time? The answer is, no! More accurately, not all dash cams record continuously. Some will have a sensor that will engage the recording function when an incident is occurring. The snippets will then be saved onto the device or MicroSD card. However, there are a few options in our review that allow you to choose between continuous record or incident only recordings.

So lets jump in and see which option suits you best.

MIO MiVue Drive 50 LM

For a brand that you may not have heard much about, they have an impressive range of dash cams and driver assisting products. And the MiVue Drive series is perhaps the jewel in their crown. The 5 inch screen size is ample, with simple and easy to use maps and on-screen directions delivered with impressive clarity. Both visually and in audio. Simply use the accompanying mount to hold your sat nav with dash cam, and away you go! Maps can be set up for 2D and 3D, as is fairly standard with most makes and models.

There’s a whole host of features that make your ride easier. Standard European maps complete with speed camera notification and parking assistance helps to avoid sticky situations. If involved in an incident, the G-Sensor inside the device feels the impact and automatically records a separate clip. This means those critical moments are always easy to find. And when you’re driving from A to B, the camera can still be set to record the whole journey. This runs parallel with the navigation, and you can seamlessly switch between camera and maps view whilst on your journey.

Beautiful HD 1080p video is recorded and stored on the 16GB internal MicroSD card for whenever you need it. And the wide angle lens captures everything in the peripherals. Plus, bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone means you can take hands-free calls via the MIO Drive 50LM.

Product Features

  • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth
  • MicroSD slot with 16GB memory card
  • Full HD 1080p resolution screen and recording
  • In-built G-Sensor enables capturing of incident clips

Garmin DēzlCam 785 LMT-D

This is the perfect device for anyone who has a larger vehicle such as a truck or a large van. The Garmin DēzlCam actually allows you to input the dimensions of your vehicle, including load and weight! This means a super smooth and breezy ride, tailored to you. With the dash cam’s 7 inch glass screen, you can both plot your journey and watch back footage as and when you need to. And with live traffic alerts and lifetime updates on 45 European maps through Garmin, you can rest assured all information is up to date.

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Get these live traffic updates via the DAB or smartphone system, and even add on extra services such as weather! All bases are covered with the DēzlCam, making it the perfect friend if you’re on the road a lot. Plus, that camera can also provide you with lane departure warnings as well as forward collision warning. Notifications about Truck and Trailer rest stops via the Services directory also give you the opportunity to plan breaks in advance. This even gives you the power to check services by amenities! And while you drive, use the voice activated navigation and hands free calling so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

The battery life is a little weedy at around 1hr unplugged, though this is fairly standard for most sat navs. Record your whole journey via the 16GB MicroSD card, and rest easy knowing any recorded incidents will be crystal clear.

Product Features

  • MicroSD slot (takes 16GB memory card, sold seperately)
  • Truck and Trailer Services directory notifications
  • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth
  • Voice commands and notifications

MIO MiVue Drive 55 LM 

The second of our MIO products, this ramps things up a notch. This is a sat nav with an ‘extreme HD’ dash cam that records 1296p resolution at 30FPS, meaning clean and crisp video, should you need it. The superior glass lens provides an impeccable 140° viewing angle, so everything in the peripherals in captured beautifully. The improved lens also makes night vision perfect, with the 5 inch touchscreen making a perfect viewing screen for maps and footage. This also gives power to the advances driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as forward collision, and lane departure warnings.

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This model also comes with free lifetime updates of 44 European country maps, as well as speed trap warnings and updates. Please note, however, that this doesn’t France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In-built traffic information keeps you in the know when on the go, and with the accumulated knowledge of IQ routes and parking assistance, your drive as smooth as can be. Plus, bluetooth delivers the latest digital traffic messenger travel (TMC) updates, and allows your phone to stay safely tucked away. Take calls via your sat nav and keep your attention on the drive ahead.

Product Features

  • 1269p resolution lens
  • Records video at 30FPS
  • 140° viewing angle
  • Excellent night vision

Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-D

As standard with Garmin, investing in this product will give you a lifetime of European maps with no exclusions. This includes the United Kingdom and all of Ireland. It also has integral wi fi, making software updates all the easier. The front-facing lens allows for greater driver alerts, such as front collision and lane departure. It also comes with parking information for you chosen destination, making frustrating parking issues upon arrival a thing of the past. The 5 inch touch screen display is super responsive, so you can easily zoom in or out when necessary.

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Perhaps one of the best things about this model is the incident notification feature. Set a preferred contact up, and if you have a collision or other incident, a text notification will be sent to the person. This includes information such as location. And when you need it, recorded footage is saved and stored internally. So simply connect to an external tablet or laptop to download footage via the USB port. The device is compatible with Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.4 or later updates.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair to your smartphone, tablet, or even your smartwatch! Receive alerts and calls via the DriveAssist 51LMT-D and never take your eye off the road. Use the voice control navigation tool to aid your travels, and even enhance the trip with points of interest notifications via Trip Advisor.

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Product Features

  • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth
  • Incident notifications feature
  • Footage stored internally. Connect via USB to download
  • Live Parking updates

MIO MiVue Drive 65 LM

Sure, this is similar to the MiVue Drive 50 LM, but has a few additional features. If you are keen on getting a larger screen size and a slightly updated lens for your buck, this is the one to pick. Recording extreme high resolution footage at 30FPS will come in super handy if you find yourself in an incident where you need to record license plate details. This device also comes with lifetime traffic updates, and lifetime maps for all European countries aside from France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The 6.2 inch touch screen is as responsive as your smartphone screen, maybe even more. Viewing maps and watching back incident footage is crisp and clean, with no blurring. You also get all the ADAS services alongside parking assist and IQ routes, plus bluetooth connectivity makes using your sat nave with dash cam for hands-free calling a doddle. The full length of your journey can be recorded, as well as clips if an incident occurs.

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To update the device, you have to connect to your PC or laptop, with the MioMore application installed. This is a little bit more complicated than a Garmin product, though only slightly. That high end lens and few extra inches on the viewing screen is likely to sweeten the deal. This is the perfect adventure-buddy for those who are on the road a lot.

Product Features

  • 1269p resolution lens
  • Records video at 30FPS
  • Lifetime map updates and speed trap updates
  • Excellent night vision

Aguri GT720 Drive Assist

Aguri offer sat nav with integrated dash cam in the same price line as Mio, though with a handful of features that give it the edge on its competitor. With a 7 inch touch screen display records HD footage at 1080p throughout your journey, in tandem with your navigation. And with a wide angle lens covering your peripherals, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is taken care of in an incident.

To avoid mishaps, however, Aguri has kitten the GT720 out with lots of helpful features. Speed camera alerts coupled with speed notifications on every street help to avoid speeding or fines, and every single type of safety camera is covered through the system. This includes Smart Motorway Cameras and Gatso etc. You get free updates for life on this system, alongside free lifetime updates to your maps, which are as usual available in both 2D and 3D. Live traffic updates are also included, though this does require a connection to your smartphone.

It also has a few little entertainment features too. If you need some downtime on the road, simply pull up to a rest stop and tune into to iPlayer. The device also comes with an 8GB memory card that slots into the MicroSD port to capture that all important footage. And when you aren’t using it, keep it safe and protected with the accompanying hard carry case. If you are looking to buy something with a lot of bang for its buck, this could be the one for you.

Product Features

  • 140° viewing angle
  • MicroSD slot with 8GB Memory card
  • Lifetime maps updates
  • Speed limit display

Garmin Camper 785

This is the best advanced Camper sat nav you can get, that also happens to come with a dash cam! The large, full HD 7 inch touch screen gives you peace of mind when dealing with a large vehicle. True to the Garmin name, it includes all the latest features you would expect from the front runner of the sat nav game.

The HD dash cam also proves a life-saver, with front collision alerts and lane departure warning. Use the free rest stop information via Trailer’s Park service, and take regular breaks as and when you need them. And while you drive, Garmin’s advanced navigation technology will give you all the greatest route possibilities. All you need to do is input the size and weight of your camper, and the maps tool will automatically calculate the best route for your in no time at all. Plus, you can store the information for vehicles and trailers! So when you switch transport, simply notify the device and go.

Whilst on the road, use Bluetooth to safely pick up calls without using your smartphone, receive notifications, and voice activated navigation commands. This device records incident footage and stores it automatically onto its drive. To download footage, simply connect to laptop or PC. It is compatible with most software, including Apple iOS 12 or above, and Android 6.0 or higher. This is a great device to purchase if you use multiple vehicles, or use use trailers to transport larger items. It is also compatible with the Garmin BC 35 wireless backup camera, a rear mounted camera that can be set on the rear of your vehicle. This gives added peace of mind when backing out of small spaces or in well populated areas. It can also record incident footage if you get rear-ended by another driver.

Product Features

  • Set vehicle size and weight for optimal route planning
  • Hands-free calling via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Garmin BC 35 wireless backup camera
  • Calculate journey based on vehicle dimensions and weight

Binatone M515 5 Inch

This Binatone model is featured here as the best budget model that does what it says on the box. That is, provide you with standard maps and navigation assistance, whilst also providing a record function via the camera should an incident occur. The 5 inch screen is an ample size to view maps information, and the touch screen is responsive and has a good zoom function. It does also feature lifetime updates of maps throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. Maps can be set to 2D and 3D as with most sat nav devices.

The device does also alert you to speed cameras in the area, and also includes the points of interest function with the aid of Trip Advisor. It also contains IQ routes, combining the information given by many road users to help your journey run smoothly, as well as an ‘Eco route’ function. This is a nifty little addition that allows you to plot the most fuel efficient route. The camera records footage in 720p standard definition, and has a MicroSD slot for saving recorded video. However, you will have to purchase the memory card separately.

As far as sat nav with built in dash cams go, this is a very low budget option. However, it is a great cheap model that you can throw in the car for those last minute adventures. Those additional navigation functions will come in handy, though sadly no added extras like bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone.

Product Features

  • MicroSD slot (Memory card not included)
  • Lifetime maps update
  • IQ routes and Eco route functions
  • Speed camera alerts

Coxpal Dual Dash Cam With GPS

This one is a little different. Not quite a sat nav with dash cam, but nevertheless super useful and at a pretty decent budget. The Coxpal is a dual dash cam device, which works with your smartphone (or other wi fi ready device) to bring you peace of mind on the road. Connect with your smartphone to get the latest GPS navigation and view the recordings of the road while you drive. This can also be used for backing up by switching ti the rear camera view. And this camera delivers some pretty impressive footage.

The back facing camera is a Sony IMX355 5 megapixel image sensor, whilst to the back your have a front and inside facing Sony IMX307 2 megapixel camera. This brings you full HD recording at 1080p resolution at up to 60FPS, though they both default to 30FPS unless specified. They also boast infrared night vision so that you can see crisp images in near darkness. This is a great option for the super safety conscious among us, or anyone who lives in a rural area and drives around dark lanes often.

This product is designed with various vehicles in mind, with large angles of rotation for anything from a Sedan to a truck or bus. You can also choose from a wide variety of shooting modes, including a time lapse parking monitor. However, the official hardwire kit is required. Seamless loop recording also means that the whole journey is captured, and the oldest files are overwritten to make space for new footage. There is also the automatic ‘events’ capture, where G-Sensor springs into action to capture incidents, and stores them separately. These will not be overwritten until you say so. All moments can be captured via the MicroSD slot, which supports memory cards of up to 256GB. Sadly, no memory card is supplied with the device.

Product Features

  • USB-C connectivity
  • Various recording options available
  • 140° viewing angle
  • seamless loop recording

Garmin NuviCam

The last Garmin sat nav with dash cam in our bunch is the NuviCam. A 6 inch display with super responsive touch screen and a host of the best software features from the sat nave front runner. Whilst slightly bulkier than other Garmin products, it still holds a lot of the best features that we have come to know and love. Driver assistance such as forward collision and lane departure warnings. It also features Garmin Real Vision, a function that automatically displays a camera view upon arrival at a host of destinations. This is often accompanied by the address or coordinates. The exact reason for this feature is not known, though it does look quite cool.

However, it is functions like Garmin’s Digital Traffic updates via DAB that really make this worthwhile. The in-built DAB receiver gives you traffic updates up to the minute. However, this is only available in the UK and a handful of European countries. However, this is a handy tool when combined with lifetime map updates, speed camera updates. In fact, it has the whole range of features included with other Garmin devices we have covered here.

There are two MicroSD slots included in the system. Though one is used for installing expansion software when required. You also get one 4GB memory card included, which is a nice touch if a little on the small size. But you can always replace this to a higher memory capacity.

Product Features

  • Two MicroSD card slots (4GB memory card included)
  • Digital Traffic updates
  • 1080p FHD video recording
  • Garmin Real Vision

Ekleva 3 Inch Car DVR Recorder Mini 4G Android 8.1 Dash Cam GPS Nav (£125)

This last sat nav with dash cam is an interesting one. Though small, sporting only a 3 inch touchscreen display, it has a couple of unique features that make it worth considering. It is also available at a reasonable price.

the first thing to note is the dual channel cameras. Not only does this device have a built in full high definition 1080p dash cam, but also and FHD 720p rear camera that can be mounted in the back window. The front facing lens also boasts a grand 170° viewing angle. The MicroSD slot can take up to 128GB SD card, and the device is capable of loop recording as well as recording snippets via the G-Sensor if an incident occurs. And that is not all.

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This Ekleva sat nav also has a SIM slot, is capable of 4G and has a wi fi hotspot. This can be used to set up the app on your smartphone, so that you can monitor your vehicle remotely. Receive alerts on your phone via remote pre-sets, and even set up an intelligent emergency alarm for when you need it. In built speakers inside the system also mean you can talk to someone sitting in the car from your smartphone!

You can of course also use the device in tandem with your smartphone when on the road, to receive calls via Bluetooth. You can also use it for streaming music, and even using a host of navigation systems, such as Waze or Google maps. Whilst this device might be lacking a few things like speed camera and live traffic updates, it does still give you the best updates for forward collision warnings and the like. It really just comes down to what you value, the James Bond like extra surveillance features, or additional maps features.

Product Features

  • MicroSD slot (memory card not included)
  • FHD 720p and 1080p cameras
  • 170° viewing angle
  • Built-in wi fi and SIM slot
sat nav with dash cam
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What is the Best Sat Nav with Dash Cam?

Whilst the best sat nav with dash cam is likely to come down to personal preference, there are a couple here that steal the show. The Ekleva, whilst small, has a great deal of high end surveillance functionality. This is especially useful if you are driving or parking in dangerous areas, or accident black spots.

However, the MIO MiVue Drive 65 LM does have some very nice features that make for a great all-rounder. With a high resolution lens, live traffic and incident updates, as well as speed trap alerts and a lifetime of software updates, it has a lot to shout about. And that 6.2 inch screen is a decent enough size to make viewing maps and collected footage nice and clear. Plus the responsive touchscreen means zooming into maps whilst on the road is easy. Having the capability to connect your smartphone via bluetooth and use the hands-free function is also a godsend.

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Whilst the Garmin products are of a high quality, there really wasn’t much difference to set them apart from the models that MIO offer. Of course, there will always be die-hard Garmin fans, but perhaps a new era is being ushered in. There will certainly be more sat navs with dash cams being made. There can be no doubt that combining the two is the way forward!

If you have used any of these devices, feel free to leave a comment. We would love to know how they handle long term!

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