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Seeing Apple Music ‘an error occurred, try again’ on Catalina OS? What to do next

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Seeing Apple Music ‘an error occurred, try again’ on Catalina OS? Here’s what to do next.

When faced with error codes, it can be puzzling as to what’s gone wrong with your device. But, it’s often something quite simple that needs to be completed in order to get things up and running again.

For the majority of Apple product owners, using a Macbook, Apple Music, iPhone or iPad is enjoyable. However, as with most technology, things can mess up from time to time. Encountering error codes unfortunately just comes with the territory.

So, let’s take a look at this Apple Music error occurring on Mac Catalina devices.

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Apple Music ‘an error occurred, try again’ Catalina

Before running through any troubleshooting steps for your Macbook, ensure that the device is running on the latest OS. Head to the Apple icon in the top-left hand corner of the screen > About This Mac > Software Update > Here you’ll be able to see whether an update is required.

When an error occurs with Apple Music on your Mac, the first thing to do is close all windows and shut down the Mac completely.

Reboot the Mac and see if this has corrected the issue.

If not, try signing out of your Apple Music account, then sign back in again.

Two things to check at this point are that you are connected to the internet and your Apple Music subscription is active.

Should you still encounter issues with Apple Music, it may be best to contact Apple Support. You can do that via Twitter.

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Error 18 003: Apple Music

Error 18,003 is a commonly seen code when it comes to Apple Music.

When using a Macbook Pro or another device to stream music via the service, errors do pop up from time to time.

In this case, try running through the above troubleshooting tips and error 18,0003 should be solved.

The error could occur due to insufficient disk space on the Macbook. If you suspect that this could be the case,try deleting any files you don’t need. To check your system storage head to the Apple icon (top-left) > About This Mac > Storage. Selecting ‘manage’ will enable you to sort through anything that’s taking up space on your Mac.

Apple Music: ‘browse not working’

Finding that the ‘browse’ function isn’t working with Apple Music can be very irritating.

In this instance, uninstall the Apple Music or iTunes app from the device.

Reboot the whole system and then re-download the app.

Ensure that you’re always running on the latest macOS as well as the latest version of Apple Music or iTunes. Check regularly to see if the app or device needs an update.

This could also come down to an exterior issue such as a poor internet connection or works taking place on Apple’s end. Check Apple’s system status here.

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