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Seeing a “Mini TV Unavailable No Satellite Signal” message? How to fix

Mini TV Unavailable No Satellite Signal-

Sky UK provides satellite TV to millions of viewers throughout the United Kingdom.

Since 2014, Sky has become the largest digital TV subscription provider.

Satellite TV products include Sky Plus, Sky Plus HD and now their latest release Sky Q.

So many people enjoy watching their favourite Sky programmes, however, we all sometimes experience signal problems.

One of those common problems is a message that reads “Mini TV Unavailable No Satellite Signal”. So, let’s take a look at some options to resolve it.

Mini TV Unavailable No Satellite Signal-
Envato Elements – Mini TV Unavailable No Satellite Signal

What channels do you get on Sky?

Television fans look to Sky TV to provide them with entertaining channels across many different categories.

Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic are just some of the channels you get through the satellite service.

Sky offers the biggest variety of channels to choose from, compared to other paid subscription TV providers.

Over four hundred channels are available, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Receiving a “Mini TV Unavailable No Satellite Signal” message?

Here are some options you can take to if you are receiving the “no satellite signal” message:

  • Check the weather outside: Signal interference can be caused due to heavy wind, a storm, or snow. The signal may return after the bad weather.
  • Something could be blocking the signal to the satellite dish, check there is no building work or objects that could block the signal.

If it doesn’t look to be a signal or a weather issue, please follow the steps below.

  • Turn the Sky box off at the mains plug and check the cables are not damaged and inserted securely.
  • Wait for 4 minutes and then press the Sky button on your remote control.
  • If you only have one dish input cable make sure Single Feed Mode is enabled.
  • Press Services on your remote then 0,0,1 press Select. Make sure Single Feed Mode is On.
  • Press Services on your remote, highlight Settings and press Select and go over to Signal. The Lock Indicator for Input 1 and 2 should show OK.
  • If you have a single cable only Input 1 should show OK.
  • If you see Not locked or Null you will need an engineer call out.

Check your Sky broadband signal strength

  • Check the Signal Strength by pressing Services on your remote, highlight Settings, press Select go to Signal.
  • Input 1 Signal Strength and Input 2 Signal Strength should show a white bar that is over 60% white. For a single cable, only Input 1 will show.
  • If that bar is fluctuating or under 60% it means there is a problem with your dish signal or your box and will require an engineer call out.

If you require further assistance with your home entertainment system, please don’t hesitate to contact Digi Helpdesk free today on 0800 433 7963. Sometimes physical repairs will need to be carried out if the dish has been damaged, whether you require advice over the phone or an engineer, we can assist you. If you wish to contact Sky themselves, you can do so by calling 0333 7591 018.

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