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Samsung UE49NU7100 Review: Good Quality 49 Inch TV (2020)

If you’re looking for an affordable smart  TV, this Samsung UE49NU7100 review is just what you need to read. After 2 years on the market, we can already begin to properly assess this Samsung release and its capabilities. It can be seen as one of the handy options when you want 4K capabilities. But is it any good with daily use?

This model comes with a different display size. Most users feel tempted by its 49” version judging by the number of Samsung UE49NU7100 reviews this version has. Made with a durable stand, this TV is large but you should have no issues placing it on a piece of furniture.

Mounting the Samsung UE49NU7100

This TV set comes with 4 legs which tend to be sturdy. It has a low center of gravity which helps it stay away from dangerous wobbling. It even comes with a thin profile which helps you if you consider it needs to be wall-mounted.

Made with a brushed and polished plastic case, the TV isn’t too heavy either. Any standard aluminum wall mount will work to keep it anchored for years. We recommend placing it in an area of the wall where you have easy access to all of its ports. These ports are found on the left side of the HDR TV on its back panel. However, this smart TV also comes with deep groves across its length. They represent a top option for properly routing cables either to the left or to the right.

Samsung UE49NU7100 review – List of features

  • Full 4K image resolution
  • Ultra HD certified
  • Included Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR 10+
  • Auto Motion Plus for enhanced clarity
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Compatible with Samsung Cloud for photo andvideo sharing
  • UHD dimming for separate brightness, tone, andsharpness adjustments
  • Available in 40 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch,and 75 inch
  • Compatible with Samsung’s Smart Hub (smart home functionality)

Picture quality

This HDR TV has an excellent native contrast which is known for deep blacks. All cinematic images can look even better as a result. Deep blacks have been a concern when it was launched in 2018 as it is a concern even today.

Viewing angles aren’t a strong point of the UE49NU7100. This is why you should do your best to position it in front of the viewer as much as possible. You can consider adding it directly in front of a couch or an armchair. If you have a small living room or simply a wall that would ask you to look at the HDR TV at an angle, this might be an issue, especially in color accuracy.

4K images allow this Samsung UE49NU7100 HDR TV to still offer valid performance today. While it doesn’t have the latest features such as dimming functions, it is a smart television that makes images look great. Sports, movies, or documentaries can look impressive and lifelike in 4K.


The UE49nu7100 TV has been tested for its 316 nits performance. This makes it a good solution for the average room and small rooms. It can also be considered for apartments or other locations that are either small or which tend not to have as much natural sunlight as the nits of the display are a bit lower than on some of its rivals such as the Samsung NU8000 series.

Low reflections

The TV comes with minimum reflections. Its matte finish makes it a good choice if you have direct sunlight on the display. It can be a good characteristic if you also have many lights inside the house which can all reflect off different surfaces. But at this price, you’d struggle to find an alternative with better reflection management.

Smart TV drawbacks

There aren’t too many negatives to fear about this television. However, you might need to know it doesn’t feature local dimming. We’ve seen this feature highly appreciated by every user and it seems it can be one of the areas the HDR TV can suffer from the perspective of those who’ve already seen new alternatives. One of the issues with lacking this function is further image customization with content such as sports. Local dimming can be highly useful in live games such as tennis where there’s high contrast between the court and the bright sky. Other potential Samsung problems include the TVs red light blinking 5 times.

Tyzen platform and apps

The Samsung HDR TV runs the Tyzen operating system. It can be one of the proven systems that react promptly with a slight lag in certain applications. However, it comes with excellent app selection for channels such as Netflix and Prime Video.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the TV is fair. It can be one of the aspects you need to take into consideration if you’re an audiophile. Bass performance is reduced on the TV and you’ll need a soundbar for applications such as movies and gaming if you need the extra depth in the lows.

Samsung UE49NU7100 review conclusion

Running a quad-core processor, this smart TV might be the most affordable good option from the leading manufacturer for those new to 4K resolution. You can use it on its stand or simply hang it off the wall if you’d like to use it for TV channels, streaming, or gaming. With 2 USB ports and 3 HDMI ports, this TV has the potential of being the first one in your house and not just a cheap backup you use when the main TV is busy. With HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+, it has the right DNA for the latest content even if it doesn’t come with all of the latest features such as zone dimming seen on some of the most expensive Samsung alternatives.


What is the best quality Samsung TV?

The best Samsung smart TV runs 94 resolution. But for a more affordable price,e you can even get a 4K Ultra HD QLED alternative. 4K HDR TVs with a good refresh rate from Samsung is easy to use and they come with low power consumption. A 4K TV with technologies such as Dolby Digital of any screen size is a high end choice for picture quality.

Is the Samsung frame TV any good?

This designer TV with HDMI 2 is made to look unique. It doesn’t feature the best high dynamic range but it is very easy to use, similar to the Samsung UE49NU 71000.

Is the Samsung NU7100 a good TV?

The 4K UHD UE49NU7100 budget 4K TV has good picture quality. Many see the Samsung NU7100 as a new TV to first get in the smart Wi Fi capable world. It’s an LED TV with very good cable management and multiple input options such as HDMI 2 0 and motion technology for enhanced details. The 4k HDR television with high dynamic range doesn’t feature UHD dimming, which is the only real drawback of the Samsung smart television. with Auto Motion Plus.

Is Vizio better than Samsung TV?

The Viso Ultra HD is marginally better than this Samsung UE49NU7100 on nits and brightness. Picture quality is somewhat similar as this Samsung UE49NU7100 review has shown. The UE49NU7100 comes with a fair price, a good TV stand, a simple remote control, and it even looks good. With HDMI 3 0 it supports various apps you can get the most of when it comes to its UHD capacity.

What is the difference between Samsung nu7100 and ru7100?

There’s almost no difference between these great value Samsung smart TV sets. The RU7100 comes without contrast enhancer technology but still at a fair price. Time and time again, they are proven to be very similar in performance. There’s no Dolby Digital technology on any of them.

Which Samsung TV series is best?

Most users like the NU series from Samsung for its affordability. As this Samsung UE49NU7100 review shows, the UE49NU7100 is an HDR screen that is well worth investing in. Yes HDR10 is limiting it to become what it can be. But the Samsung UE49NU7100 is a screen made for 4K content over Wi Fi. All reviews show the Samsung UE49NU7100 is the best from the series, even if its available in higher screen size, the UE49NU7100 seems to be just the right choice for HDR-like content at a fair price.

What are the best quality smart TVs?

Best quality smart TVs such as the Samsung NU7100 come with 4K HDR images. Apart from UHD dimming and ideal power consumption, this high dynamic range 49 inch HDR Samsung comes with true color reproduction and fair sound, even without deep bass. But apps and reviews show this Samsung NU7100 is one of the best in the 49 inch segment, especially at this price. HDR 10 TVs tend to be more expensive than Wi Fi Nu7100.

Even Samsung has plenty of more expensive alternatives than the Samsung UE49NU7100 with great screen and sound performers with UHD you can use at home. But this screen with its simple remote control is great either as a first TV or as a secondary Samsung TV. The UE49NU7100 comes at a price that is hard to match.