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Need help with TalkTalk TV issue ‘yvm104’? Here’s how to solve it

TalkTalk TV is overall a great service but there are some common issues so we want to help you solve them.

Providing an excellent TV package, TalkTalk is one of the most popular providers in the UK.

As with any technology, there are problems that are hard to fix for most people – let’s face it, we aren’t all tech whizzes.

We’ve provided this guide to go over a few of the main problems with TalkTalk TV and the easiest way to fix them.

Read below to find out our simple fixes for some of the most annoying and common issues that TalkTalk TV customers face including error ‘yvm104’.

talk talk tv help yvm104
Talk Talk TV help yvm104

Why can’t I see the guide, More TV or TV Boosts?

Sometimes you may not be able to see the guide, More TV or TV Boosts because you’re not actually signed up to TalkTalk TV but you can upgrade here.

If you are sure that you are a subscriber to TalkTalk TV then there are a few things that could be wrong.

Ensure that the email you’re logging in with is the same email that you’re using for your TalkTalk MyAccount.

If this is your first time experiencing this issue then log out of TalkTalk and try again, this should usually fix it.

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Talk Talk TV help yvm104: Why can I only see free-to-air channels?

You are able to see paid or “Boost” channels if you have Boosts available to you from TalkTalk.

Boost channels are delivered via your internet connection and so you need to have a WiFi connection strong enough to handle this.

If you’re WiFi isn’t fast enough to support these “Boosted” channels then they won’t be offered to you.

For information on how to check your internet speed or improve it, you can call us on 0800 433 7963.

Why am I getting terrible picture quality?

The picture quality on a TV often comes down to a few factors but there are a number of things you can do to improve it.

Check that all cable connections into your TalkTalk box are secure and none of the wires are damaged.

Make sure your TV is on the correct source – sometimes labelled ‘source’ or ‘AV’ on the remote – clicking this button will change the type of cable your box is connected to your TV with.

Other options include resetting your box or adjusting your aerial to see if that has any effect on the quality.