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Majority Oakington DAB+ Radio Music System Review

DAB radio

With Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music apps all available to listen to on our smartphones, it’s never been easier to listen to music. But what if we said that there was a radio that could let you listen to these apps, CD’s, and radio stations on DAB + giving great sounds quality? Well luckily there is, in the name of Majority Oakington.

In this article, we’ll be revealing all about the Majority Oakington radio from sound quality to appearance, and ease of use to setting radio channels, so all that’s needed to do is to go out and buy it, if this is the radio for you.

Before we have a look at the Majority Oakington radio, let’s find out further what a DAB radio actually is.

What is a DAB Radio?

DAB is an acronym for Digital Audio Broadcasting and it essentially means that the radio is digital and is broadcast from a UK-wide network of transmitters. It uses digital technology which enables broadcasters to package together several radio stations.

It might be surprising to know that the first DAB digital radio was released in 1995 in the London area starting out with five national networks which extended in 1998 to 60% of the UK population.

What is DAB+ ?

DAB+ is a newer version of DAB which was released in 2007 and is more efficient than DAB allowing more stations to be broadcast and in higher quality if desired by the broadcaster.

Of course, these radios have come a long way since they were first released over 25 years ago which is what we’re here to speak about, so let’s get on with it!

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Majority Oakington DAB Radio:

Most people will only listen to the radio when they’re in the car, as it’s easy to sit down and press the radio button. But we’re here to hopefully change your minds on having a radio to listen to not just in the car but in the kitchen or bedroom as well as the Majority Oakington DAB radio really is a device that everyone needs in their life.

However, this isn’t just a radio, this can do more than play Radio 1 and switch to other stations in-fact, the Majority Oakington is an all-in-one, CD player, DAB/DAB+ digital, FM, and Bluetooth radio! But we’ll get more into all of those features soon.

This radio comes in two different colours to choose from, both with a wooden finish including walnut which is a darkish brown and oak, both colours are finished to a high standard so not only will the music sound good when it’s playing, it will also look good on a side unit and will fit easily onto any cabinet.

Listening to Music:

So, as we said previously, this radio comes with a CD player, DAB/DAB+ digital, FM, and Bluetooth so let’s find out more about these!

CD Player: We’re sure this doesn’t need explaining, and to be honest, we’re not sure this feature has much use as most people will now listen to their music via apps but in case there are any old CD’s and albums lying under the bed, you’ll be able to insert the disc into the device and be transported back to 10 years ago.

DAB/DAB+ digital: Earlier we touched on what DAB and DAB+ were but all that’s needed to be done is to tune the radio to begin listening to a wide variety of digital and FM radio stations. With DAB and DAB+, you will not be limited in your selection of stations to choose from. The Majority Oakington has easy set-up and quick auto-scanning so you can begin listening to your favourite stations in no time.

FM: FM (Frequency Modulation) is an old broadcasting method which provides high fidelity sound over broadcast radio. Although it’s still used today, DAB is noted to provide listeners with better quality of sound. You can still tune into all FM radio stations including Radio 1, LBC, Magic, Capital and more.

Wireless Bluetooth: Connect the radio to your mobile to wireless Bluetooth and you’ll be able to play all the songs, playlists and albums that are saved to your Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music account at just the touch of the button and all with fantastic sound quality! If you’ve left your phone somewhere and want to change the next song, then just use the remote control that comes with the radio.

Sound Quality:

The Majority Oakington has a fantastic audio quality that will make you want to keep dancing around the house to your favourite music! This compact hi-fi stereo speaker system will get the party started with as it comes fully equipped with HD sound and a 30-watt speaker system!

Is the music not sounding as good as it could? There are no problems about getting that fixed as with the remote control, you’re able to change the treble and the bass to get the music and sound to that perfect party pitch. You can even use the aux cable or insert a USB stick into the back of the compact hi-fi stereo speaker to play even more songs.

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Additional Features:

The Majority Oakington is pretty easy to set up and all the instructions will come on an instruction manual inside the box. As well as having great sound quality and a great appearance, there’s also a lot more features that the Majority Oakington can offer which include:

Alarm: Wake yourself up in the morning by setting the alarm on this DAB radio. Just make sure the remote is nearby to stop the sound.

Time and date: This radio can even turn into a clock! The time and date will atomically set on the Majority Oakington so you can see the date and time at a glance.

Headphone output: Want to hear thigh quality audio through headphones? You can with this radio! Simply insert the headphones into the headphone jack and get ready to hear the high-quality audio straight into your ears.

LCD display: Get ready to see what station is on or what song you’re listening to with the clear LCD display. There won’t be any fuzz on this screen, and you’ll be able to read what’s playing perfectly.

Music system/TV connection: Connect an RCA cable from the radio’s audio input into the back of a music system/TV output for cinematic sound.

Can I Convert my Car Radio to DAB?

If your car radio isn’t already DAB, then it’s pretty simple to convert it. All that’s going to be needed is a DAB adapter – a device that attaches to the dashboard, letting you play DAB through your system. The adapters are in the mid-price range but if you can’t do without listening to the radio in the car then it’s a good purchase.

You’re also able to get your old radio taken out and have it fitted with a shiny brand-new DAB digital radio. More than likely, these radios come with extra features such as aux-in and Bluetooth, so get the Spotify app ready to be plugged in.

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