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Fitbit Charge 2 vs Microsoft Band 2: The Better Fit (2020)

As the world is becoming more familiar with the ‘new normal’ due to coronavirus restrictions, getting fit and active has never been more important for mental wellbeing and health. We’re going to be battling out the electronics that help to keep us in shape in the battle of Fitbit vs Microsoft Band 2.

In this battle war we’ll tell you everything that’s needed to know about the two devices from battery life to apps and heart rate monitors to GPS before revealing which one has won the battle. So, with that in mind let’s get started!

What is Fitbit Charge 2?

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a heart rate and fitness band that goes around the wrist and looks a bit a like a watch. But this device isn’t just able to tell you the time, it comes with a variety of different features which help to keep you on top of your fitness routine.

The battery life on this device will last around five days but this will also depend on what it’s being used for. If it’s just for tracking calories or steps then it will last the full five days but if it’s being used more for other features then the battery will decrease.

The Charge 2 is a year newer than the Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR so if it’s time to upgrade this Fitbit might be the perfect one. So, let’s see what some of the main features are that come with this band.

Fitbit Charge 2 Features:

PurePulse technology: PurePulse technology is a heart rate monitoring system that will measure your heart rate all day! So, if whether that’s for monitoring at the gym, outside running, doing yoga or even just sat down having a rest, this technology helps better track calorie burning, optimise the intensity of workouts and track overall health and fitness.

Multi-sport tracking: Multi-sport tracking will make lives so much easier now as this feature allows you to track and reach workout goals by recording different exercises like running, weights or pre-workout star jumps. Once the workout has finished, Fitbit then gives a workout summary so you can trace the best time.

Guided coaching: Need a personal trainer but can’t afford one? Fitbit Charge 2 has the answer! All that’s needed for these guided workouts are either a laptop, smartphone or tablet and you’ll have a personal trainer from a screen whenever that’s needed! This training will give step-by-step workouts which are tailored for your needs. The routine will adjust and evolve so you will always be training at the right level.

We’ve got three more features left to talk about for the Fitbit Charge 2 in the battle of Fitbit vs Microsoft Band 2 so keep reading to find out what they are!

Sleep tracking: Yes, this is a fitness tracker, but this device also allows sleep tracking to understand sleep quality and receive tips to improve your night’s sleep. This will automatically track how long and well you sleep for as well as being able to set sleep goals and bedtime reminders to form good habitsĀ and wake up in the morning feeling relaxed and peaceful.

And Finally, …

All-day tracking: With all-day you can maximise your chances of smashing fitness goals by keeping track of calories, steps, distance and active minutes each day. You can set weekly exercise goals and use simplified heart rate zones to understand how hardĀ the heart is working.

Get motivated with friends: Friends can really help boost motivation for getting out and doing exercise rather than staying in bed. Fitbit have created different challenges on their app which can be competed against friends and family which can help to the dream fitness goal whilst sharing the experience with friends and family.

So, that’s everything needed to know about the Fitbit Charge 2. So let’s see what the Microsoft Band 2 has to offer in our Fitbit vs Microsoft Band 2 battle.

What is Microsoft Band 2?

Most commonly, Microsoft are known for being the masters of computing and software programmes but little do people realise that they also have a range of fitness trackers and we’re going to be revealing everything needed to know about the original Microsoft band aka Microsoft band 2.

The battery life on this device will last around two days but just like the Fitbit Charge 2, it will depend on what it’s being used for as to how long the battery will last. Using GPS on this tracker decreases the battery significantly as well as the notifications that appear on the screen.

So let’s see what the Microsoft band 2 can offer, shall we?

Microsoft Band 2 Features:

Microsoft Health: Microsoft Health as a platform is strengthened by broader collaboration from device and service partners. The Microsoft health app lets you record and track daily health information which includes steps, heart rate and basic workouts. Windows phone users can also download the app on a Windows phone.

Stay connected at a glance: With the Microsoft Band 2 not only can this be used as a fitness tracker but also as a mini mobile device! Choose which notifications you receive on the band and stay connected with the world. This device allows you to see email previews, calendar alerts as well as checking phone calls, text messages and social media updates. Cortana lets you set voice reminders to the device too, who needs to spend loads of money on an Apple watch, eh?

Live Healthier: Getting outdoors, staying active and taking that weekly visit to Gold’s gym won’t feel like such a chore with the Microsoft Band 2 as this device makes exercise fun again. This device lets you track your heart rate, steps, stairs climbed, calories burnt and exercise, so whether you want to push your body to its maximum limit or make sure that those 500 calories have been burnt off, just look down to your wrist.

Golf Experience: Like golf? This band is great for you then! This band provides distance to the front, centre and back of the green while it tracks your strokes, steps, heart rate and calorie burn!

There are just three more features left to talk about for the Microsoft Band 2 in the battle of Fitbit vs Microsoft Band 2 so keep reading to find out what they are before we reveal who’s won the battle!

And Finally, …

Track sleep quality: Sleeping is just as important as getting exercise. Getting a good night’s sleep can really reflect your mood and motivation when you wake up but if you’re one of these people that are unsure of what their sleep pattern is through the night then worry no more! With this device motion sensors and a continuous heartbeat monitor track your sleep. Want to review the sleep summary? Use the Microsoft Health mobile app to review your sleep summary and the Microsoft Health web dashboard for even greater insight into your sleep quality.

Advanced Technology: Microsoft have designed this fitness tracker clearly thinking about the customer’s needs. The creed shape makes it easy see the screen and comfortable to wear whilst exercising. It also comes with a bright colour display so when exercising on a hot day, it’s still visible to see the screen even when the sun is shining on it. Technology from Microsoft Health gives actionable insights based on your data.

Cycling: In recent years cycling has become more and more popular and not just a way of keeping fit but also by helping the environment by keeping carbon emissions down. Microsoft has partnered with popular bike apps MapMyRide and Strava for this band so users can wear their device during rides and compare performance or share routes with other riders using these apps.

Is it Okay to Shower With Fitbit Charge 2?

Unfortunately, you’re unable to shower with a Fitbit Charge 2 on as the tracker is only splash proof meaning if you’re washing your hands and some water splashes up onto the device or you’re exercising outside and it starts to rain then it won’t cause it any damage.

You may think that this is a strange question but sometimes we can forget about different accessory items that we’re wearing when all we really want to do after a long sweaty workout is just hop in the shower and lather up with soap. It’s easier said than done but when you’re in a rush for the shower, remember to remove the Fitbit otherwise there’s a risk that large amounts of water will damage the device.

Now it’s time to find out which fitness tracker is the best in our Fitbit vs Microsoft Band 2 battle!

Fitbit vs Microsoft Band 2 – The Winner is…

So, it’s the moment that you’ve been waiting for and you want to know who’s going to be crowned the winner in our Fitbit vs Microsoft Band 2 battle, so without making you wait any longer, the winner is… the Fitbit Charge 2!

The Fitbit definitely had stiff completion throughout from the Microsoft Band 2 but it just managed to squeeze through as the winner. We’ve picked the Fitbit because it has everything you need on a fitness tracker and the battery life is a lot better than the Microsoft which lasts 3 hours longer!

We like how this band has its very own personal trainer so you don’t need to fork out a load of money to pay for one at the gym – just get out a smartphone, laptop or tablet and you can do the workout right from the comfort of your own home!

It’s also great how it tracks your every move throughout the day, so even walking to the shops or stepping ten steps out of your house to the car will all add up to your daily steps and calories burned!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and are now more aware of what a Fitbit and a Microsoft Band can offer you. If you want to keep up to date with more DigiHelpdesk news then give us a ‘like’ on Facebook or read our range of blogs for more helpful advice,

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