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7 Best Chargers For MacBook Pro: Cheap Alternatives

7 Best chargers for macbook pro:Cheap alternatives

MacBook pros are known to have a good battery life, but when you’re constantly using it for work, the battery is of course going to drain quickly, and that’s why we’re going to be telling you about seven cheap charger for MacBook Pro so there’s no need for you to worry about your laptop dying when you’ve forgotten to save work.

We’ll be revealing all about the seven cheaper alternatives for MacBook Pro charger including watts to charger lengths plus more! So, let’s have a look and see what our first cheap charger for MacBook Pro is.

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VUOHOEG Power Adapter Charger:

Our first charger from VUOHOEG is compatible for use with MacBook 13 and 15 inches released in 2016 and unfortunately, there’s no jazzy colours to choose from, just like the original Apple charger, this only comes in plain old white.

As this is a charger, it of course plugs into the wall socket, but what makes this better than an ordinary Apple MacBook charger is that if you have an iPhone, you’re able to insert the lead into the back of the chargers USB C port and it will start charging up instantly.

The charger has a voltage of 61 watts and the charging cable is 1.8m/6 feet long which makes it longer than the standard charger which comes with MacBook Pros by almost double! So, you can plug it in if you’re doing work in the library, in a cafe or if your cable before never stretched to your bed, then this cheap charger for MacBook Pro should do just the job.

SUAMLAND Compatible MacBook Pro Charger:

This MacBook Pro charger is a more expensive buy than the previous charger we have spoken about, but it offers more watt voltage. In this adapter you’ll get 85 watts so you can expect a quick charge, not just because of the high watt rate but also because of its ‘fast charging’ feature.

The fast charging feature adopts the latest fast charging technology and has superior performance, which can charge your MacBook quickly without compromising its performance and longevity – just what you need when you want a quick charge.

It’s compatible with the following Apple MacBook laptops:  Apple MacBook Pro 13 inches,15 inches and 17 inches -A1278,A1502,A1344,A1465,A1502,A1425,A1435,A1466,A1398,A1424,ME293, ME294, ME664, ME665, MC975, MC976, MD506, MJLU2, MJLT2, MGXC2, MGXA2.

We like to put safety first and there’s nothing worse than tripping over a wire that could’ve been avoided and SUAMLAND are one step ahead of the game with their magnetic DC connector feature which makes it easy to disconnect the cord harmlessly if someone should trip over it. your MacBook Pro stays put safely that helps prevent fraying or weakening of the cables over time.

BETIONE MacBook Pro Charger:

Our third cheap charger for MacBook Pro is our mid-price power adapter from the brand BETIONE. BETIONE make different electrical appliances but mainly laptop chargers at a more affordable price than what Apple charge.

This charger is a USB C adapter with 61 watts so you can keep the adapter and charger separated from each other. This works well if you’re travelling to work or on a long train journey etc as with a standard Apple MacBook charger it all comes as one but with this one, you can take out the charger from the adapter and have peace of mind knowing that the wire isn’t going to become flimsy from wrapping the charger around the adapter.

As well as the adapter coming with a USB C wire cable, this company will also throw in a free charge cable which is 6.6 feet long! This means this cable should definitely stretch to wherever you’re doing work and if the cable does become frail after a long while of use, there’s no need to go out and buy a new one as you’ll have the free one to use.

Aifulo Universal USB-C Wall Charger: 

This charger is the cheapest that we’ve spoken about so far and unlike the others, this comes in two colours! You can choose from the bog standard white or even black to mix things up a bit, although the white is slightly more expensive.

The Aofulo charger has smart IC technology adapted into it which means the wall charger will automatically detect the MacBook and provide the fastest and most efficient output current, meaning you won’t need to wait around all day for this to charge!

Unlike the others there is also a multi-point safety system which ensures complete protection from short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overcharge, keeping you and your devices safe from any electrical mishap which will let you charge your MacBook Pro with peace of mind.

The watt voltage on this charger is 65 watts and it is compatible with MacBook 12 inch and MacBook Pro 13 inch. The cable is 2m/6 feet which you are able to put in and out of the adapter whenever you need to use it.

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The first feature we need to mention about this MacBook Pro charger is that it is 35 percent smaller than a standard Apple charger, making it the ideal charger to take with you on long journeys. The charger is small, slim and its streamlined frame easily fits in your bag so you can carry it around. The international voltage compatibility (AC 100-240V) makes it perfect for traveling.

The watt voltage on this charger is 65 watts which will charge up your MacBook Pro in under two hours from the battery being completely dead. It is also equipped with GaN technology which fast charges the charger but maximises charging efficiency while generating less heat.

You’re even able to charge two devices at once as there are two USB ports for your wires to go inside. So, this means that whilst your MacBook is charging you may even want to charge your iPhone at the same time, and it won’t take any longer than it would to charge just one device.

Lavolta Power Adapter:

This power adapter is a 65-watt USB C power adapter which is compatible with 13″ Apple MacBook Pro 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020.

If you have an up to date iPhone, then the charger for the phone will fit straight into the power adapter port as it is the same as the one that comes with it. With 65 watts, this charger will be able to power up your MacBook in no time leaving you to get on with work or playing your favourite games such as League of Legends.

There’s also an intelligent microchip inside the adapter, meaning that your MacBook will be safe from power surges or spikes. It features a magnetic DC connector that will disconnect your power cable if it experiences undue strain. This helps prevent fraying or weakening of the cables over time as well as reducing the risks to your device.

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VUOHOEG Charger for MacBook Pro:

Our seventh and final cheap charger for MacBook Pro is from VUHOEG, a brand which we’ve already spoken about in this article. This charger is the cheapest out of all six you’ve read about and unlike the others which only come in white, this charger only comes in black.

The USB C power adapter offers fast and efficient charging. There are two cables that come with this charger, USB C and USB A, with a total cable length of 8 feet! That means you’ll be able to charge up the laptop and a mobile phone at the same time from wherever is most convenient for you, so you can make the most of the long cable lead.

This charger has a 65-watt USB C charger, so when you need to charge up your MacBook it won’t take too long and you’ll be back on there before you know it doing all of your work or online shopping!

Can I Charge my MacBook Pro Without a Charger?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a charger then you will be unable to charge your MacBook Pro, a bit like other electrical items – they will all need some sort of charger to plug into an electrical socket.

If you have lost your charger or your current one is playing up then the chargers that we have suggested offer a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new Apple MacBook Pro charger direct from Apple itself.

All of the chargers we have spoken about come with a USB C cable and adapter so you can charge your MacBook up straight away but if you have an iPhone cable that will fit into your MacBook then just buying a power adapter will also save you some money.

Remember that the higher watt that the adapter has, the less time it’s going to take to fully charge the MacBook. We suggest going for a watt voltage of at least 60 as that will take around two hours to charge, any lower and you could be sat around for a while waiting for it to charge.

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Can You Charge a MacBook With a Car Charger?

The good news is that you can charge a MacBook with a car charger, the bad news is that this can be extremely expensive as you’ll need a charger with a high watt voltage, so it charges substantially. For a MacBook Pro to charge quickly and efficiently in a car you’re ideally looking at a watt of at least 150.

We have three alternatives to a car charger that won’t save you time, but it will save you money if you have to charge your MacBook in the car on the way to work.

Alternative MacBook Car Chargers:

Power inverter: A power inverter will work in any car and it’s a relatively inexpensive item to buy. The inverter will work by powering an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current to alternating current. The downside to this is that it’s a very bulky device and don’t generate pure sine waves, which could damage sensitive electronics, the upside is that it should fairly quickly than you may think, so when you’ve arrived at work, the laptop should almost be charged!

Laptop charger: We’re not talking about a charger you plug into the wall, but ones made specifically for a particular model laptop that consists of an aux type cord. You can find laptop chargers online for most laptop models, and they’re generally quite affordable. Plug the charger into your car’s outlet, connect the other end to your laptop, and start charging.

Power bank: If you have a laptop with a USB C or thunderbolt charging port, you can charge your MacBook Pro in the car without involving the car at all. All you’ll need is a Power Delivery power bank. The power bank will deliver enough power to charge the laptop via the USB C although it may take a long time so we would advise using this power bank for long journeys only.

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Can You Charge a MacBook with 2 Chargers?

You’re able to insert two cables into your MacBook adapter when charging but the MacBook will only draw power from one of the cables and more than likely it will automatically select the single best-suited power source and charge from it.

In some of the chargers we spoke about there were two slots in the adapters for two cables. These adapters have two cable slots inserted in them to charge up two different devices at the same time, for example, your MacBook pro and iPhone. Being able to have two plugs in cables is extremely convenient for some people as you can charge two things at the same time in one place.

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What is the Best Charger for MacBook Pro?

The best cheap charger for MacBook Pro is is a classic Apple MacBook charger. Although this is expensive, you can rely on Apple for quality products that will last a long time. On average, a MacBook charger will last around five years, if not longer if you take good care of it.

Of course, MacBook chargers aren’t always in everybody’s price range which is why we have looked at seven alternative chargers for MacBook. There isn’t anything wrong with the chargers we have spoken about, but you can rely on Apple for a good quality product.

The best charger as a cheaper alternative to an Apple MacBook charger is the CHOETECH PD Charger, this is because it’s 35 percent smaller than the traditional one and you’re able to charge up two different devices at the same time and not forgetting to mention that its full equipped with GaN technology.

So, that’s the end of our article and we hope that it’s helped you to understand a little bit more about alternative MacBook pro chargers on a budget. If you have enjoyed the article, then please leave a comment in the box below and give us a ‘like’ on Facebook.

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