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Can You Record On Sky Glass: Let’s Find Out

Can You Record On Sky Glass? Let's Find Out

Are you wondering whether or not can I record on my Sky Glass TV? The concept of recording on Glass TV is different from what you do on a Freeview recorder box or Sky’s own Sky Q box.

Sky’s new 4K TV Sky Glass features a QLED HDR display with a built-in soundbar to facilitate its five speakers. Instead of using a Satellite dish, Sky Glass relies on Broadband, much like Fire TV and Roku, to stream Sky channels and on-demand content on its display.

However, many Sky users are used to the habit of recording their favourite programs on a Freeview recorder or Sky Q box hard drive to watch later. Let’s find out how recording works with Sky’s latest Sky Glass TV. Also, we’ll take a look at different ways to make the content available in your free time.

Can you pause live TV on Sky glass?

Can you pause live TV on Sky glass?

You can pause live TV on your Sky Glass TV, but there is a time limit to it.

Here’s an example, let’s say you’re watching a live programme on Sky Glass. Suddenly you need to run down the store to get some refreshments. In this case, you can pause the live TV for up to 30 minutes and rewind it through those 30 minutes when you come back from the store.

Also, because your Glass TV has been on that channel, you can fast forward 30 minutes as well. Therefore, technically, whatever you are watching, you can rewind or fast forward it for 30 minutes on either side.

How do you record on Sky Glass TV?

How do you record on Sky Glass TV?

You can record with the Sky Q box, but the answer to “Can you record on Sky Glass TV” is a little tricky.
Suppose you see a programme you are interested in while playing content on Glass TV. At this point, just highlight the programme and press the + button on the Glass remote. Now you’ll see a tick icon next to the title confirming that it is added to the Playlist.

How does Sky Glass playlist work?

How does Sky Glass playlist work?

After adding a programme to the Playlist, you can watch it by pressing the Home button on your Glass remote. Next, scroll down to select the Playlist option. Here, you’ll see a “Play Now” rail to choose your show and start enjoying it straight away.
However, there is a flip side to it. The “Play Now” rail updates the list as you watch and add content to it. You may not keep the programmes forever as the rail regularly replaces the old content with the new one.

Does Sky Glass have storage?

Does Sky Glass have storage?

Sky Glass is a streaming TV and does not have a hard drive to store any recordings. Instead, you can use the Playlist feature for residing all your favourite content on virtual Cloud storage.
However, according to Sky’s arrangement with the channel, Sky Glass will record some of the programmes to Cloud. Few programmes will redirect you to third-party apps from the Playlist. Also, you can watch some programmes only when they are broadcasting live.
Therefore, playback will either be from a Cloud recording, on-demand video stream, or within an app.

Cloud recording

You can watch cloud recordings whenever the original broadcast ends. The recordings are kept on the Cloud for a year and then deleted automatically afterwards. As the recordings are on Cloud, you’ll need a broadband connection to watch them later.

According to Sky, cloud stores:

  • Most of Sky’s own content, such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Witness
  • Sky Sports sporting events
  • A few Freeview terrestrials channels

3rd party apps redirection

It is not possible to record the content directly from major broadcasters such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Netflix, Disney Plus, and STV Player. In this case, when you add a programme to your Playlist, it acts as a shortcut that redirects you to the broadcaster’s app.

For example, you add a BBC show to your Playlist. When you want to watch it later, you’ll click the show on the Playlist. Next, your Sky Glass will open the BBC iPlayer instead of playing it from the cloud recording. It also means that you should have an account on each of the major broadcaster’s streaming apps supported by Glass TV.

Furthermore, you can keep a programme indefinitely on a real recorder. However, 3rd party content on Sky Glass TV’s Playlist is available from 30 days to 12 months, depending on Sky’s agreement with the channel.

Live programmes

There are a few programmes on Sky Glass channels that you can only watch live during the broadcast by adding them to your Playlist. Furthermore, you can restart the programmes while still airing, such as music channels.

Live news content depends on the channel. For example, you can add Sky News, Sky Sports, and a few others to your Playlist and watch them later, but the content is only available for up to 24 hours after the broadcast.

Can I record BT Sport on Sky glass?

Can I record BT Sport on Sky glass?

Since the launch of Sky Glass TV, users with a BT Sport subscription from Sky could only add its content to the Playlist and watch the programme while the broadcast was live. You could also restart and watch a live sporting event from the start – but only if you caught it while airing.

After a recent Sky Glass update, If you have a BT Sport subscription, you can add live BT Sport content to your Playlist and can catch up with your favourite sports even after they’ve finished.


So can you record on Sky Glass TV? Well, not how you do it with a Freeview recorder or Sky Q box. There is no hard disk on your Sky Glass. However, the Playlist feature acts as a recorder, but the content is saved on the Cloud and often redirects you to 3rd-party apps.

Moreover, you need an active subscription to play the third-party content later. As Sky Glass TV is relatively new, we hope that the upcoming updates will add more features and recording options for the end-users.