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Top 5 Samsung Wireless Chargers 2020

With wireless charging becoming the new normal in 2020. Oftentimes most will go to their local electronic store, look for a wireless charger, pick up the first, or the cheapest one they see and go about their day. Excited that they have finally become apart of the new era of wireless charging. However, this is not the most practical way of joining the scene, and can often lead to buying the wrong wireless charger; A charger that isn’t compatible with their device, or even one that is just kind of sucky. In this review, we are going to go over the 5 best Samsung wireless chargers for 2020.

This article is going to compile each model and what their features are. From which models can connect with which phones or devices, power output, build-quality and even price point. At the end of the article, the best overall Samsung wireless charger will be listed, the reasons why its the best, and hopefully, this can help you on the way to buying the perfect wireless charger for your phone.


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Samsung QI Wireless Charger Pad

The Samsung QI wireless charger pad is one of the originals when it comes to style and builds. Following suit in a straightforward and seamless circular design, sort of like a hockey puck. With this charger, you will barely notice it on a sleek, and tidy desk setup which is perfect for those who like everything to be neat and tidy.

Of course, with a wireless charging pad. It allows for you to remove the need for loads of wires going everywhere to charge your devices, and can be placed pretty much anywhere as long as it is on a flat surface. The ability to have the charging pad placed anywhere means that when your phone is running out of juice, the charging pad will always be in the perfect place to just set the device on, and let the charger do its thing.

There are adapters included with models such as the Galaxy S9 or Note9 that give the ability to be able to fast charge the devices straight from the wireless charger, which has become relatively hard to find, with most models of wireless chargers only supporting standard charging rates. Simply place your mobile phone on the charger to quickly power the device and be free to go on any adventure imaginable.

With the compact design of the wireless charging pad. Not only will it keep a desk or office set up extremely neat and tidy. It will fit seamlessly in a bedroom, or even pop it in a backpack and take it anywhere. Making sure there is always a high-speed wireless charging pad at an arm’s length away.

The Samsung QI wireless charger pad is compatible with a huge range of devices, as long as they are Qi-certified to make charging them hassle-free and as quick as a blink.

When it comes to handy features. The Samsung QI includes a reversible Type C power input port. If you are in a rush or trying to reach into a tricky area, connect the Samsung QI to the power input port has never been easier.

Key Features:

  • Original Style and Design
  • Will Fit Seamlessly In Any Space
  • Wireless Charger
  • Fast-Charging Enabled
  • Compact Design
  • QI-Certified
  • Reversible Type C Power Input


Samsung Wireless Inductive Quick Qi Charger-Compatible Black

The Samsung wireless inductive quick Qi charger boasts a very similar design and style to the previous Qi model. However, with this mode, they have decided to slightly change the design. Keeping the same minimalistic, smooth and round design. Giving it a slight advantage, the ability to lift and hold a phone at an angle. It goes from being a wireless charging ‘pad’, to a wireless charging ‘stand’.

This allows the user to charge their device at a more user-friendly angle, for example, if watching a movie, or live sports, with the phone sitting more upright thanks to their perfectly developed stand. The experience will be a lot more pleasant, easy on the neck and cause little to no disruption whilst charging. Now removing the need to hold the phone whilst charging to use it and simply giving the option to have it stand for the user making it more comfortable and removing any excess wires.

The Samsung wireless inductive quick Qi charger is closing down the difference between wired charging speeds and wireless charging speeds. Their new stand gives users the ability to charge their device up to 1.4x faster than any other standard wireless charging transmitters. A huge difference in the eye of someone who needs a quick charge. The stand is also backwards compatible with any Qi-certified device meaning that if there are any devices lying around that need charged and are Qi-compatible. They can use the exact same wireless charging stand as the latest models.

When it comes to compatibility, the fast charging feature is compatible with the Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and all the later models of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. However, the older models and other models of the S6 are not compatible with fast charging. Samsung does offer universal charging capabilities with all Qi-Certified devices and will charge them at a regular speed. However, some devices may need help from a charging cover. Which is sold separately, so if one of the devices listed arent in your pocket be sure to check out exactly what you need before buying.

The Samsung wireless inductive quick Qi charger is incredibly easy to use. Just connect the stand to the power input, and place your stand in the optimal position, then lay the device over the centre of the stand and Voilà, the device is being charged.

Key Features:

  • Simple Design
  • Upright Stand
  • Provides Viewing At an Angle
  • Qi-Certified
  • Backwards Compatible
  • Large Compatibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact Design

Samsung Multi-Wireless Charging Tray Black

The Samsung multi-wireless charging tray is the first on the list to deviate from their standard, circular and smooth design. With the charging tray being designed exactly like the name, a tray. The multi-wireless charging tray is made from polycarbonate and is in more of a rectangular shape. With the circular charging pad at the end. The tray is much larger than the single charging pad. That is of course, as it supports more devices, but more on that later. Although the tray is much larger and longer, and even includes a slight incline from the charging pad to the upper level. It is still extremely subtly and wouldn’t stand out too much in a clean office environment.

The multi-wireless charging tray is for those of us with more than one device that supports wireless charging. The tray can charge up to three devices, all at the exact same time. The devices included are mobile phones, Samsung Level Earphones and even their Bottle and Scoop Speakers. Simply just place down the devices onto the charging tray, and that is all there is to do. While charging two devices wirelessly, then connect a third via the charging cable port sitting ever to subtly on the side of the tray.

When charging two devices wirelessly. The tray will allow you to charge them with up to a 5V output, and once the charging cable is plugged into the side and a third device is connected, that device will charge at a 2.5V power output.

Compatible mobile phones for the Samsung multi-wireless charging tray range from the Galaxy S6 and up, including the Note5 and up in that series. Then, of course, the bottle and scoop design speakers, and anything else with a charging port that can connect to the side of the tray.

The charging port comes as a USB A out port, whilst the input for the tray is a USB Type C Port.

Key Features:

  • Sleek Design
  • Charge Up To Three Devices At The Exact Same Time
  • Rectangular Shape
  • Charge Two Devices Wirelessly
  • 5V Charge Output
  • Compatible With Many Devices
  • USB A Output, USB Type C Input

Samsung Original Wireless Fast Charging Duo Pad for Qi-Enabled Devices Black

Samsung is one again ditching the idea of being able to charge just one device wirelessly, and have produced the wireless fast charging duo pad. Completed with a full-size wireless charging pad. Alongside a smaller, almost baby version of the same charging pad. The design is once again longer is size, with a decent amount of space between both charging pads to make sure that two devices will not interrupt each others charging. With the charging duo being longer it does seem a lot bulkier than the original charging pad, however still following an elegant look especially when in black, which allows for it to fit in anywhere.

As it says in the name the Samsung fast charger duo support dual wireless charging. Allowing the ability to be able to fast charge two devices at one time. This allows for the removal of wires spread out across desks, messy charging stations and all-round clutter. Leaving the Samsung duo to do its job and make sure all the user’s devices are charged, at quick speeds.

The Samsung duo is Qi-certified. Meaning that all devices that are all Qi approved are able to use this wireless charger. With Samsungs built-in backwards compatibility. It allows for any device that has Qi support to be charged at a standard rate at least. For those that have the compatible devices for Samsungs fast charge, i.e. Galaxy S6 and upwards alongside the Note5 and up, including the FE, 8 and 9 are all able to feel the power the duo fast charger has to offer.

Thanks to the two distinct charging stations on the duo, you are able to charge two phones with ease, or if you are someone who likes accessories, the ability to charge a Galaxy Watch, and or some Galaxy Buds. Getting rid of the need to charge the devices in separate areas, or even having any separate cables.

Key Features:

  • Charge Two Devices At The Same Time
  • Fast Charger
  • Qi-Certified
  • Backwards Compatible
  • Compatible With Many Devices
  • Distinct Charging Pads

Samsung Original Qi Enabled Convertible Wireless Charger Black

The design on the Samsung original Qi convertible is a mixture between the first two wireless charging stations that are on this list. The convertible is named after the excellent design of the charging pad. The charging pad will lie flat like a normal, minimalistic charging pad such as the original Samsung wireless charger, but will also convert into a stand. This allows for both regular bedside charging. As well as a more comfortable charge where you have a nice viewing angle and can still hold the device whilst being charged. With the stand, there is the ability to have the phone positioned vertically, or horizontally.

The charging pad/stand is made out of premium black leather and felt material. Which allows for grip on the more slippery of mobile phones. Ensuring no disasters happen whilst in stand mode. All that is needed is for the phone to be simply placed onto the top of the non-slip pad and then the fast charging can commence.

If the stand is taking up to much room, or it feels like an eye-sore in the centre of a clean desk setup. The stand can be easily put down, back into normal pad mode, and either moved or placed in storage until needed.

The Samsung convertible is also Qi-Enabled. Which means that it will charge any device that supports Qi, and if it only supports standard wireless charging. The devices are still being charged at a standard speed allowing this to be a very versatile charging pad. The backwards compatibility will also make sure that anyone can use this device, no matter if the mobile phone is old or new, the Samsung convertible is the wireless charger for you.

The Samsung convertible wireless charger has a large range of compatible phones ranging from the lower end of the Galaxy S series, as well as right up to the larger end Note series phones. Meaning this charging station should be working for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Charger
  • Convertible
  • Stand and Pad
  • Compact Design
  • Qi-Enabled
  • Premium Leather/Felt Material
  • Compatible With Many Devices

Samsungs Fast Charging

Although most of the chargers on this list feature Samsungs wireless fast charging technology. Some other charges on the market will not support this, and this feature will also not work with some devices.

Samsungs new wireless fast charging allows users the ability to charge their device up to 1.4x faster than a standard wireless charger.

To use Samsungs fast charging abilities, the charger needs to be used with the fast charging power brick that comes with the devices when bought from a legitimate shop like Amazon or Samsung. Without the fast charging brick, the speeds that are delivered through wireless charging will just be as standard. So it is important to know what to expect, depending on what charger you get and where you get it from.

Their new wireless charging 2.0 comes as standard with Samsung products. It delivers a 10W+ charge meaning that the user will spend less time with their phone stuck to the charger, and more time enjoying their new phone.

It works by using coils that send signals across the gap between the charger and the phone. Once they get close enough to each other, magnetic induction then produces electricity on the receiving side.

Most of Samsungs latest products also come with Qi-Support. Qi Support is the industry standard for wireless charging which is why pretty much every single device that can be wirelessly charged will include this, and it is also built into the chargers.

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Samsung is market-leaders when it comes to all things phone and accessories. When looking at some of the top of the line mobile devices, smartwatches, earbuds and accessories. Its easy to see that Samsung are pretty much everywhere you look.

With undeniable style, built-quality, features and price points. They trump the rest of the market with ease and are often technology lovers go-to brand.

A majority of the wireless chargers on this list are Qi-Enabled. Which allows for a huge compatibility range, allowing it to even be backwards compatible with older models of phones so that the devices can be used across the world, no matter what the device.

Samsung provides a state of the art build quality when it comes to their products. It doesn’t matter if its mobile phones or even earbuds, everything they do, they do with passion and hard work. Including things like non-slip material pads so that the devices cannot fall off and cause damage. Including USB ports on the side of their already large charging trays to enable another device to be connected at one, to even smaller things like giving a wireless charging pad the ability to convert into a stand so that users can still enjoy premium viewing if they are watching something or want to use their phone whilst wirelessly fast charging their device.

Samsung always thinks of the things that other brands just miss out on, and even think of them at a relatively decent price point compared to other market-leaders and startup competitors.

Now the time has come to dive into the winner of the best Samsung wireless charger. Before that, if you have enjoyed reading this article, and want to read many just like it. There are hundreds of options on our site for you to enjoy, and even drop our social media accounts a like, or a follow! Let us know what you think is best.

The best Samsung wireless charger is…

Samsung Original QI Enabled Convertible Wireless Charger Black

Yes, last but certainly not least. The Samsung original Qi-enabled convertible is viewed as the best pick when it comes to the best Samsung wireless charger.

It offers too many features at such a low price point for Samsung accessories available right now, its a must-buy!

With the convertible being a two in one, charging pad and stand. This charger allows for perfect viewing angles, and once done with being used. Its simple to put it back into a normal charging pad, and set it to the side. Taking up no extra room on a desk or even a bedside table.

Its compact and slick design make for an excellent looking piece of kit, with its black leather/felt material wrapped around it to make it look more professional and reduce the chances of any device falling of it.

No matter what is needed from this charger, it will provide.

The price point of this device has also been taking into consideration, some of the items on this list may not be affordable for many, especially as there are some cheaper alternatives. However, at this price point, the Samsung Original Qi wireless charger is market-leading. Packing more features that just any old charger you would find in the shop.

If there is any item to add to a Christmas list this year. The convertible wireless charger is definitely one that would go down a treat. Even looking at the customer reviews on this item, people are over the moon with the purchase. Bringing them into a new era of technology, for a fraction of the price that competitors are charging, with twice as many features.


How do I enable wireless charging?

To enable wireless charging, the device in question must support wireless charging. From there, plug in the wireless charger through the power input cable, and set the device on top of the charger pad to enable the wireless charging feature. Some wireless chargers may have their charging coils set in different places, so to enable wireless charging, make sure to find out where to set the device to ensure charging is active.

Is Samsung wireless charger fast?

Samsung chargers that support fast charging capabilities are faster than standard wireless chargers. Samsung wireless chargers that do include fast charging can charge a device up to 1.4x faster than standard wireless charging. The Samsung wireless charge is closing the gap on speeds between wired and wireless charging.

What phones work with Samsung wireless charger?

If the Samsung wireless charger is Qi-Enabled, any device that has Qi support will be able to be used. Samsung wireless chargers with Qi often support backwards compatibility so using the wireless chargers with older devices is fine. If the wireless charger is not Qi-enabled, any device that supports wireless charging will most likely work with it.

Which is the best Samsung wireless charger?

The best Samsung wireless charger is the Samsung Original Qi-Enabled Convertible Wireless Charger. It allows the user to convert the charging pad into a stand for a better user experience. The Wireless Charger is made for those who enjoy using their phone at the same time as wirelessly fast charging it. It also takes up minimal room with its sleek and compact design, meaning its easy to store and carry.

How does Samsung wireless charger work?

A Samsung wireless charger works by having magnetic charging coils inside of the charging pad, the coils then transfer energy from the wireless charger to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. The Samsung Wireless Chargers then get power to the coils once the charger has been connected through the power input. Once turned on, the user needs to place their device on top of the Samsung wireless charger for the coils to recognize the battery inside the phone, then it will start to charge the device.

How to use Samsung wireless charger?

Using a Samsung wireless charger is straight forward as they have made the design simple, and often mark out where to place the device. Once unboxed, the charger needs to be powered on by plugging in the power input cable into the charger, once that is done place the wireless charger into its designated spot. Finally, just place the device onto the wireless charger, Samsung will often have a circle around the charging coils inside the wireless charger, which indicate where to set the device.

Does Samsung S9 have wireless charging?

Yes, the Samsung S9 does have wireless charging. Wireless charging came into play a lot earlier than the S9s release, with models as far back as the S6 being included in most Samsung wireless charging compatibility lists. Although not all may include Qi Support, most models from recent years include wireless charging abilities.

How much is a wireless charger?

The Samsung Original Qi-Enabled convertable charger at this moment and time is currently online around the £30.00 mark. Whilst the more expensive models such as the Samsung Original wireless fast charging Duo Pad is currently listed on sale at around £75.00. While these are the current prices, deals often change, and they are subject to fluctuate between different price ranges.