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How to Fix the Amazon Error Code 6085:Guide

amazon error code 6085

We have all experienced error codes and messages displayed on our devices from time to time. Some errors are quick fixes, but when streaming video an error can be more than irritating. One common problem with Amazon prime video is the Amazon error code 6085.

In today’s useful tips we will provide the solutions to fixing the common Amazon error code 6085. This problem obviously concerning Amazon prime users.

We will therefore run through the most likely devices where the Amazon error code 6085 occurs. Plus, simple and straightforward solutions.

What Is Amazon Error Code 6085?

amazon error code 6085
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The Amazon Error Code 6085 may occur when streaming live video from the Amazon prime service. The error can be displayed on any type of device, from game consoles to TVs and android devices.

The error may also be displayed when logging into the Amazon prime video app. The fault has largely been reported with users within the US, Europe, and UK.

Why Is My Amazon Streaming Not Working?

amazon error code 6085
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If your device displays the Amazon error code 6085, then the fault is usually with the provider. If you suspect your device is at fault, continue the stream by opening a web browser.

Many devices have a web browser installed as standard. From there you can visit the Amazon website to continue viewing. On a desktop computer or laptop, Amazon’s prime video can be quickly accessed with either the Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome browser.

With the above solution, you are essentially using a web browser instead of the official prime video app. Amazon’s official response via a Tweet says users should, ‘try accessing via a different device.’

How Do I Fix Amazon Prime Video Error?

amazon error code 6085
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Amazon gives straightforward solutions to the error as below.

  • Close any instances of the prime video app on all devices.
  • Make sure you are using a compatible HDMI cable.
  • Make sure all devices have the latest updates.
  • Check your Internet connection and any other devices plugged into your network.
  • Check you are not logged into the same account on multiple devices. Only one stream is allowed on two devices at any given time.
  • If you can connect to the Internet, then the DNS settings may need updating on the device.
  • If you are using the Alexa service, unpair then re-pair the device.

Why Isn’t My Amazon Prime Working on My TV?

amazon error code 6085
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If your Amazon prime services aren’t working in general, firstly check your account is active. Simply log into your account and make sure the prime video service is paid for and up-to-date.

Simply check for a constant Internet connection, both hardwired and via Wi-Fi is enabled. Also, try running the prime video service on another device.

Other tips that you can follow include restarting the device and app. Some devices allow the memory to be cleared, which is worth doing as a matter of course.

Other devices within your network may also be using up your Internet bandwidth. Therefore, turn off all of the devices connected to the Internet.

Amazon Error Code 6085 Conclusion

The Amazon prime video service generally works faultlessly. However, if you experience the error code 6085, the above checks and fixes should remedy the problem.

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