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13 Best Laptops For Working From Home 2021: Work Remotely

When you work remotely, you need reliable best laptops for working from home. These normally have above-average system components so that you can use them for various purposes. But this ideal laptop can look different from one user to another, depending on their line of work.

A software engineer might need a powerful laptop. A writer might only need an affordable entry-level laptop. Graphic artists need portable laptops that come with powerful processors and powerful video cards. But most agree it’s better to invest in a laptop now that to have to look for an upgrade shortly.

Ideally, you would choose best laptops for working from home that come with an Intel Quad Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM as minimum requirements. If you can stretch your budget, you’d be wisely advised to get an Intel Core i7 laptop with 16 GB RAM which can power almost any software even a few years from now.

Top 3 best laptops for working from home

Best overall – Microsoft Surface 3

This elegant laptop has the best balance of features and build quality.

Best lightweight laptop – LG Gram 17Z90N

LG created a laptop that is fast but that is also very lightweight.

Best for connectivity – Huawei Matebook X Pro

You can simply tap the laptop with your smartphone to transfer files to the Matebook X Pro.

1.     Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft is one of the laptop manufacturers that also make excellent software for professionals. The Microsoft Office Suite is one of the many types of software the brand is known for. It makes sense to get a laptop also manufactured by Microsoft for the latest technologies and for swift software integration.

Surface 3 is one of the most elegant best laptops for working from home that come in a 13.3” and a 15” version. It is available in 4 processor versions (Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD Ryzen 5, and AMD Ryzen 7). You can get it in 8 GB RAM but we recommend investing in its 16 GB RAM version. Standard storage is a fast 256GB SSD storage, but we also recommend going for the higher-specifications 5125 GB SSD.

The best in class Surface 3 is lightweight which makes it easy to move from one room to another in your home. It comes with a solid keyboard that can be used in all professions. But this laptop also comes with a long battery life. It has a battery which lasts 11.5 hours, making it one of the leaders in terms of energy independence as well.

Accessories are at the highest level as well. You can purchase all types of Microsoft-made accessories such as an external keyboard, a professional mouse, or the practical Microsoft Surface Pen to work faster and more efficiently on your laptop.

Main features

  • Connects extra displays and docking stations through USB-A and USB-C ports
  • Made with a large trackpad for professional use
  • Compatible with handwriting and drawing when used with the Microsoft Surface Pen


2.     LG Gram 17Z90N

A small laptop that is fast, well connected, and highly durable almost seems impossible to find for a reasonable price. But the LG Gram is one of the fastest and most reliable portable computers of the moment.

It comes with a weight of just 1.3kg which makes it excellent for remote work and even to work while travelling. Made with a 17 inch display, this large laptop is compatible with workflow in all types of areas. You can use it for coding, web navigation, office work, business, and almost any other work that is not related to video production.

With an 18.5 hours battery life, this is the type of laptop you want to get for even more energy independence. If you like to work long hours, its long battery life is going to be even more useful. But if you find yourself computing late at night, its illuminated keyboard is going to also prove useful.

Supporting a high resolution of up to 2560 x 1600, this laptop is an excellent choice for busy homes, especially those with kids. It’s metal construction keeps its components safe. But it also comes with dust sealing so that you can rely on it without overheating even years from now. Given it supports 5K displays, it can also be seen as the most futureproof laptop on the list.

Main features

  • It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor
  • Made with a 17 inch IPS display
  • Included 18.5 hours battery


3.     Huawei Matebook X Pro

Based on a 10th Generation Intel i5 processor, this 14.6mm thin laptop is one of the sleek options for remote work. When you use it for writing emails and documents, its battery lasts around 15 hours, which is significantly above the average battery life.

If you’re on Skype or Zoom with your boss or your colleagues, you can also rely on this best laptop for clear calls. It uses quad microphones to capture voice a bit better and those working from home know just important clear voice is with online calls.

Made with a responsive touchscreen, it can also be the laptop you consider for presentations and for all other types of interactive work. Since it has a large 512GB SSD memory, you can also easily store all of your work on its hard drive.

But this work from home laptop also comes with 16GB RAM (unlike the 8 GB RAM of the MateBook 13) which makes it fast. Even if you have to take multiple video calls, it’s going to be the notebook that helps you the most.

The current pandemic might have you working from home for an unterminated time. But you can still benefit from its reduced 1.3kg weight when the pandemic is over and when you can carry around once again.

Main features

  • 100% SRGB display colour profile
  • 3K standard resolution
  • Top-quality 450 nits display

4.     Razer Blade 15

If you’re working with video editing or 3D graphics, you need a laptop with a good graphics card. The Razer Blade 15 always gets mentioned for such use. The main reason to get it now is it’s nearly a third cheaper than it was when it first launched and it’s still one of the most equipped options you can think of.

Based on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 video card, this portable computer is very responsive and one of the most interesting when it comes to 3D performance. You can easily consider it both for gaming and for video or photography work.

16 GB RAM power this incredible machine together with an Intel Core i7 processor. Fast and reliable under demanding graphics, it’s also the type of portable computer that stands out with display quality. It features a 15.6” 144Hz full HD display that is hard to match for almost any application. Given this also one of the thinnest gaming setups on the market, it’s clear you are getting a well-rounded product made to last.

Main features

  • 144Hz full HD display
  • 7 inch aluminium body
  • Includes a Thunderbolt 3 and a HDMI port

5.     Dell Inspiron 17 3000

If you’re after a large display laptop that is made by a trusted brand, the Dell Inspiron 17 is going to be on your radar. This fast portable computer is among the leaders in office work or business work. It uses Dell Mobile Connect, a technology that enables you to easily share content from your smartphone to the laptop itself. This saves you considerable time and with all of the communication apps, emails, and files you need to be transferred from one device to another, it can be the top reason to go Dell for your home portable computer.

If you’re the type of person who loves to work long hours, it might also be a portable computer for you given its excellent physical keys. The backlit keyboard here is one of the best from Dell.

But if you aren’t a huge fan of large 17 inch portable computer, you can also downgrade to a more practical alternative. This computer is also available in 15” and 14 inches display sizes which are made for the user who doesn’t necessarily need the widest display.

Main features

  • Dell Mobile Connect data sharing
  • It includes USB 3.1 ports
  • Based on 1TB HDD storage

6.     Samsung Galaxy Book S

What do you call a small laptop that is very powerful? You call it a Galaxy Book S. You wouldn’t expect this compact 13 3 inch laptop to go far in terms of performance. But you will reconsider it after reading this short description.

The portable computer only weighs 950 grams which makes it the lightest option on your recommended list. It features aluminium construction for extra durability and for enhanced aesthetics.

There’s also a USB-C port which allows you to quickly charge your mobile devices if you’re a tech fan. But this 8GB RAM portable computer also features 512GB memory. With sufficient space to store all of your work files, it is the type of portable device that you can travel extensively. While you can’t work from most coffee shops at the moment, you might simply consider it for extra portability around the house.

Main features

  • Designed with a fingerprint reader
  • Entirely made out of aluminium
  • Only 11mm thick

7.     Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

When you’re computing from home you might not be as tempted to sit at the desk all day. You might feel like getting up or even curling up on the sofa with a good portable computer. In this case, the IdeaPad Flex 5 is an interesting choice. It stands out with its folding touchscreen display which also allows you to use it as a tablet.

Its touch-capable display recommends it for specific users. If you’re into finances, you don’t need to type a lot. If you’re working in investment, you only need to click tables and figures a few times. This type of touchscreen interaction can be the top choice for you.

Otherwise, it runs the Windows 10 operating system. It runs it properly since it’s based on a quad core i7 processor. Battery life isn’t bad either as it runs up to 10 hours before recharging. But it also supports quick charging for when you simply need to catch up with work for a few minutes.

Main features

  • Designed with a 15.6” FHD display
  • It weighs 1.8kg
  • 360-degrees screen rotation

8.     Huawei MateBook D 14

If you work long hours, the TUV Rheinland-certified display of the MateBook D 14 inches is going to be one of your best solutions when it comes to overall vision protection. It uses blue light reduction technology which is perfect for those who work at the computer all day.

But this powerful laptop also swiftly integrates data transfer. If you own a capable higher-end Huawei phone, you can transfer data to and from the portable computer with a simple tap gesture. This means the capable D 14 is one of the fastest best laptops for data transfer.

Its size is interesting as well. It’s not as small as the 13 inch screen on other best laptops for working from home but not as large as the 15.6” alternatives. It sits in a class of its own. This is why it’s perfect for almost any line of work and the fact that it looks better than a higher-end Retina display MacBook alternative can only add to its long list of benefits.

Main features

  • It runs on an AMD Ryzen 5 processor
  • Up to 9.5 hours of battery life
  • Password-free fingerprint-based log-in

9.     Lenovo Chromebook S345

If you don’t want to spend as much as on a MateBook D 14, you can alternatively consider the Chromebook portable computer. It runs the Chrome operating system which means it’s limited in software. But if your work is solely online in a web browser, it makes sense not to overspend with your purchase.

This small portable computer comes with a reduced weight of just 1.4kg. It also features a capable display that opens up to 180 degrees. This is why it can be one of the most interesting aspects when it comes to FHD display which allows you to work at the desk, on the sofa, or anywhere else around the house regardless of your position.

Main features

  • 4kg weight
  • Included micro SD card reader for an SD card
  • Minimalistic Chrome operating system

10. ASUS VivoBook F412DK

Another excellent compact laptop is made by ASUS. The VivoBook of 14” is one of the most interesting solutions for truly mobile users. With 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage, this portable computer can be an option for almost any line of work.

But since it comes with a VEGA 8 graphics card, you shouldn’t consider it for anything that involves graphics. This Windows laptop has been made for standard office work.

Still, at 14 inches the Windows portable computer comes with plenty of benefits. For example, it’s one of the rare 14” laptops for working that comes with a backlit keyboard. When you’re typing in the evening you’ll know just how important this feature is.

The portable computer also runs Windows 10. If you don’t like Chrome alternative on small best laptops for working from home, this can be one of the freedom-giving options as there are plenty of good office programs for the Windows operating system such as Microsoft Office.

Main features

  • 512GB SSD storage space
  • Available with both an AMD Ryzen 5 and a Ryzen 7 processor
  • 7mm ultra-slim bezel


11. ASUS Zephyrus GA502DU

If you love to work but you equally love to relax with a good game, the Zephyrus portable computer is one of your main choices. This laptop comes with balanced features which also recommends it for work purposes outside its more popular gaming use. But you won’t have to pay as much as for a regular gaming laptop which means you actually save money with the ASUS Zephyrus.

With 16 GB RAM, it runs all games and all modern software. It even features an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6 GB video card which means you’ll play most games in mid to high video detail settings. But this portable computer also stands out with its immaculate screen. Made with a 144Hz refresh rate, this screen makes almost all multimedia look better and it runs games without any lag.

Main features

  • It weighs 2.2kg
  • Powered by an AMD Ryzen R7-3750H processor
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6 GB graphiucs

12. Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series

If the 3000 Series from Dell looks like a regular portable computer, the 5000 Series looks like a hybrid. This potent portable computer comes with a foldable touchscreen. It adjusts to 360-degrees, a function that is not supported on the Dell 3000 portable computer.

While you might think this portable computer comes with a range of different functions of an entry-level status, you can expect all types of positive features such as connectivity. You can use it to quickly transfer images from your camera. It includes an SD memory card reader for this purpose. It also features an HDMI port which allows you to quickly connect it to your TV alongside multiple USB ports used to connect all types of gadgets and accessories such as an external keyboard.

Main features

  • Sleek design with a 360-degrees display
  • Cortana hands-free voice commands
  • Made with a touchscreen display

13. Acer Swift 5

If you’re not passionate about tech, you need a simple portable computer to do its job every day without much fuss. This is certainly why Swift 5 was made. Surprisingly popular, this Intel Core i5 portable computer is made with a decent display that runs on a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It comes with a 14” display which is rather compact, but good when you want to move it around the house multiple times per day.

It includes a 512GB solid state memory which covers most of your storage needs. But you will be tempted to work more on the portable computer since it comes with excellent battery life. Most of those working from home note its battery life sit at the 11-hours mark making it better than the average alternative from this perspective.

Main features

  • Included touchscreen capacity
  • Made with fingerprint log-in
  • It runs on 8GB RAM

How to choose the best laptop for working remotely

When you want to work remotely, you don’t have access to multiple computers like at the office. No matter the task at hand, you need a single portable computer to handle your workload. This is why you should pay attention to the type of laptop you are looking for something to buy to work remotely.

There is no set definition of how laptops for working from home should look. Most portable computers are multi-purpose. But we do know that the best laptops for working from home with higher specifications tend to perform better regardless of the functions you use them for. When you work from home, you need good WiFi and a good display to keep your eyes healthy as some studies show you can end up computing more than at the office due to procrastination since your boss isn’t there with you.

Laptops for working from home also need to run multimedia properly. It’s highly unlikely for you to have a second portable computer for movies or for games and this is why you need just one portable computer that does it all. Here’s how to assess their capacity.

Battery life

Even when you work from the home office, you need to properly assess battery life and energy independence. At home, you aren’t tied to computing at the desk. On a given day when the weather is good, you might even feel tempted to work outside in the backyard or at the park. A battery that lasts only a few hours isn’t going to be helpful.

Fast charging is also important in laptops for work from home purposes. You might have an urgent work task to solve and you will only be able to use your portable computer remotely when the battery is at least partially charged. It can take only 20 minutes of fast charging to have a battery that powers a portable computer for up to 2 hours.

Display quality and eye protection

Do you need touchscreen functions on your display? There are plenty of touchscreen laptops you can consider but you need to decide if it’s the type of user interaction you want to have. For some workers such as those in animation and graphics, a touchscreen display represent the holy grail. Most other users can live without it.

But since we’ve seen you can work more at home than at the office, you also need a display which allows good customization especially in the eye protection area. If you find a display with blue light reduction technology, you need to prioritize it over others, especially if you tend to work at a computer every day.


Which display is right for remote work? This is a subjective task. But the simpler your job is, the smaller the display you can get. If you answer emails all day, a compact 13” portable computer does the job well. If you have to deal with spreadsheets, it’s best to get a larger 17” display so you don’t miss any fine details.

Most users choose a 14-15” portable computer as this has been the norm for years. These laptops are some of the best when it comes to overall versatility, portability, and display quality. It can be said they are the best of both worlds. Both compact and sufficiently large to deal with documents, this display can be the top choice when you aren’t sure which size laptop is best for working from home.


The weight of the portable computer might also be a characteristic to consider. Most users tend to think about laptops as these heavy computers that aren’t worth upgrading from tablets. But lightweight laptops are now the norm. Most of those listed above only weigh between 2 and 3kg. They can be seen as some of the most practical solutions as they won’t feel too heavy even if you like to keep your laptop on your lap when comfortably sitting in an armchair.

Storage space

How much storage space do you need when working from home? This is one of the main problems with laptops. The good storage space portable computers are expensive. Since most come with solid state storage, this type of memory can considerably increase the final cost of your portable computer.

Good practices only recommend large 512GB storage or 1TB SSDs storage when you work with multimedia files such as videos or photos. Large memory might also be useful for laptops that are made for gaming. But most office documents such as PDFs and Microsoft Office files are small. You can skip the concern of a large hard drive when you only deal with small text documents. You can always increase storage space by keeping all of your work files in cloud storage, which might also be beneficial for easier sharing with your work colleagues.

Consider software compatibility

The main operating systems for these types of laptops include the Windows and Chrome operating systems. As seen above, the Windows operating system laptops tend to run almost any software as the operating system is truly mature. For a simple experience, you can also consider a minimalistic Chrome portable computer that has been mainly made for web navigation.


Your business portable computer should include an HD camera when working from home. You never know when you need to jump into a quick meeting with your team. But at the same time, you need very good connectivity where ports and wireless technology has the highest impact. Wireless WiFi data transfer such as seen on the higher end Huawei best laptops for working from home tend to be the best since you can now receive all your work tasks directly on your smartphone. It would simply be a waste of time to consider transferring all your work files to the laptop by cable.

HDMI ports might also be important for you. If you need your laptop to be compatible with an external display such as a TV, a fast connectivity method involves the HDMI cable. The ability to charge your devices is also important. A Thunderbolt port can be the top choice from this perspective.

Otherwise, all of your laptop’s connectivity options are going to be similar since most new business portable computers come with limited ports. If you have multiple accessories such as external speakers and a large external keyboard, you should also consider portable computers that come with at least 2 USB ports. For those working in photography, a micro SD card reader is often seen as a good addition even if you can add one later via a USB port.

Final considerations

Only the best laptops for home working are truly capable of lasting for years. Work business laptops tend to run all day. But a pro tip is to look for metal laptops that handle heat better. A standard 8-hour workday has little heat impact on such durable materials.


Are 13-inch laptops suitable for working from home?

If your line of work doesn’t require excellent attention to details such as in accounting or mathematics, you can certainly choose a 13-inch laptop as your main home computer.

Do you need an expensive laptop to work from home?

You don’t need the most expensive laptop to work from home. But you need to make sure a business laptop is capable of running multiple software which includes video calls, office programs, and which comes with proper connectivity options.

What are the best laptop for business and personal use?

The Microsoft Surface 3 is the best laptop for business and personal use. It has excellent build quality, high specifications in system components, and access to a wide ecosystem of business portable computer accessories.