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Digi Helpdesk aim to respond to all requests as soon as possible from the moment a request is submitted.
Due to advisor availability and the volume of requests we receive, we aim to respond any direct debit payment requests within 24hrs but this could take up to 48hrs.


By ticking the level of service terms checkbox you agree that;


1. Once payment is made, the support provided to you could result in our advisors determining that your device may require an external engineer call-out or that you may need to contact your device’s manufacturer.

2. The support provided to you is based on the best of our advisors’ ability and not that your device is guaranteed to be fixed.

3. You may cancel your Direct Debit at any time.

Digi Helpdesk has no affiliation with any other third party companies, services, broadcasters or manufactures. Digi Helpdesk is an independent company that offers technical support services on digital devices. We are not connected to any other providers or sources.