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What to do if Spotify has uninstalled itself on a Mac: Stream music again

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Music is one of the best escapes. When Spotify has uninstalled itself on your Mac there is really nothing more tedious than forever trying to get it back.

Spotify has been immensely improving ever since 2008, making it the ‘world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service‘, with an impressive 299m users and138m subscribers across 92 markets.

Apple has also been credited for their Macbooks over the years and its advancement. One thing that a lot of Macbook users are quick to note is the lack of storage in their laptop.

This issue is very common and users need to be aware not to overload their device storage-wise as it increases the likelihood of an app crashing.

It is, again, very typical for apps to disappear and leaves you having no clue on where to start the search for them.

Follow on below to have all your questions answered on what to do if your Spotify app has uninstalled itself on a Mac.

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Spotify disappeared from my Mac: Why is this?

The root of the issue sometimes feels like it is never answered. Companies are quick to come up with a solution for the starting issue, yet never seem to explain why the error actually happened.

There are all sorts of technical issues that could be combining together as the reason to why your Spotify has uninstalled itself on your Mac.

The issue could be:

  • Storage on your Mac is full and the app has crashed
  • Once downloading the app, it has been left in your Applications folder waiting to launch
  • Your Macbook needs to reinstall a new clean version of Spotify

Before you reinstall the latest version of Spotify you must make sure all Spotify apps have been cleared or removed from your Mac.

This means there will be no overlap during the downloading process for you.

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3 simple ways to fix your Spotify from crashing!

If it’s the storage on your Mac that’s the issue then you can try getting rid of the Macbook’s cache folder – this method works via the keypad.

A cache file is essentially data which gets left on your Mac after searching through a website or using a chosen app for the first time.

Cache has been referenced as unneeded storage, so its always good to clear it when you get the chance.

To restart your Mac and clear the cache use either of these three steps:

  • Press Control + Command + Escape.
  • Press the power button – a dialogue box should appear – click the Restart button.
  • Find the Apple key and then click Restart.

Another issue could be the app hiding in the applications folders which can be found by following these steps:

  • Click the Finder app (a half blue and half white face) it is located in your Dock.
  • Select Applications (on the left sidebar).

Always keep updated with the latest versions of Spotify.  You can reinstall the newest version of Spotify here!

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Hopefully, by now you have managed to simply follow our tips in fixing your Spotify. It should be back up and running, allowing you to get back into streaming all of your favourite summer tunes!

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