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How to watch the Sky Brexit-free news channel and focus on other stories!

Sky has introduced a pop-up news channel that is completely Brexit-free.

A growing number of people have grown tired of the endless news about the potential Brexit deal or no deal.

With no real end in sight for Brexit as of the time of writing, Sky has decided to give the people what they want.

And that seems to be a channel that focuses on other stories going on, rather than being about Brexit 24/7.

The channel will air on the number 523 and run from 5-10 pm on weeknights only.
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What is the motivation?

Three years ago when the referendum took place, the public couldn’t believe it when the UK voted to leave the EU.

Our eyes were glued to the news to see what would happen next in this landmark vote.

However, three years on, we have been so bogged down by the constant goings-on that it looks like nobody cares anymore.

TV watchers would rather this whole thing just be over and those who don’t care still want to watch the news to see what is going on in the world, sans Brexit.

Brexit causes news-watchers mood to drop

A study has found that a third of people are just avoiding the news entirely.

Astonishingly 70% of those surveyed said it was because of the overwhelming coverage of Brexit.

Over 60% of the people asked said that this was having a negative effect on their mood.

A further 40% of respondents said they felt powerless and had no impact on influencing the current events.
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What might happen going forward?

This channel will likely remain just a temporary measure for as long as the Brexit debate rages on.

However, Sky could potentially use this channel in the future for more positive stories or something of an alternative news channel.

Young people could be a demographic that would welcome this more. Whatever Sky decides to do after Brexit, in our eyes, this is a good move to bring viewers back and keep everyone up to date on world events.




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