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Error code

Microsoft Teams Error Code caa5004b: How To Fix The Signing Error

Microsoft Teams is a great resource if you have meetings with colleagues and works as an alternative to Zoom. However, Microsoft teams doesn’t come without errors. With error codes such as caa5004b appearing regularly. Although there are a few known errors for the Microsoft team, we will be lo...
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Microsoft Teams freezing during meeting error: Fixed

Microsoft Teams freezing during a meeting is the last thing anyone wants to happen while at work. There are many apps to choose from when it comes to video conferencing. However, Microsoft Teams is a huge hit with big businesses. Not only does the app allow for video calling, but co-workers can chat...
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Logitech webcam blurry

Microsoft Teams loading forever on a Mac? Get the app up and running

Does Microsoft Teams seem to be loading forever on a Mac? Here’s a look at what to do to get the platform up and running again. There are many more people working from home in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But, thanks to video conferencing platforms and apps, the process has been made ...
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Microsoft Teams inactivity timeout: How to reset your status and more

Working from home has become ‘the new normal’ for many of us. The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has seen anyone with the capability of working remotely, doing just that. And from Slack to Skype, Zoom and HipChat, there’s no end of work communication apps available these days. As wel...
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What to do if Windows 10 Microsoft Edge icon is missing from the taskbar

The taskbar isn’t something that many people spend much time thinking about but if the Windows 10 Microsoft Edge icon goes missing then you’ll quickly realise. There are many issues with computers and software that sometimes take a lot of technical knowledge to be able to solve. Finding ...
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